Why use Ext JS when developing a web application?

Why use Ext JS when developing a web application?

ExtJS is fast becoming one of the most popular JavaScript user interface framework. It offers many useful user interface components, enables you to build complex user interfaces in a short time and it has a clean and expandable structure. Extjs is highly dependable for building web applications, using techniques such as Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting.

Extjs offers a variety of widgets that can enhance your web application better and faster than any other framework. Some of the widgets include


  • text and date fields.
  • radio and checkbox controls
  • html editor control
  • grid control
  • tree control
  • tab panels
  • various toolbars
  • desktop application-style menus
  • region panels
  • sliders
  • vector graphics charts
  • datastore panels

Many of these controls are able to communicate with a web server using Ajax.

The latest version of Ext JS4 offers new and exciting widgets that will enable an ever quicker web application development such as;

  • Charting
  • Enhanced grid
  • Drawing
  • |infinite scrolling
  • Powerful Theming
  • Row Editors
  • Sand boxing
  • Forms

Another huge benefit for using Ext JS is the design. You can easily expand the components to suit your requirements. You can customize look and feel using CSS.

It is one of the powerful framework available for rich user interface development.

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