Why use iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software

Here are some of the questions you may want to ask us

How do I get started?

Best way to start is to view our software tour where you can read about the different features and also view our tutorial videos and software manual, once you have done this, we recommend to check the demo of the iQDesk 2.0 software.

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Is iQdesk completely online?

Yes, iQdesk software is an online software and not a desktop software.

Where is my data stored?

Your data will be stored on our secured server.

How secure is your server?

We use Secure Sockets Layer‏ (SSL) to process the data.

Is my data being backed up?

Your data will be backed up on an hourly basis.

Can I use it from any computer?

Yes, you can iQdesk 2.0 from any computer, using your login details.

Do you offer support?

Yes, you can contact our support team here

How is this software different than any other software on the market today?

This software is designed specifically for the small business owners and freelancers putting a great emphasis on the business cash-flow.

As small business owners ourselves, we are fully aware of the problems business owners face when trying to run their business automatically using a software. Many times, they don’t have the tools or guidance to fully understand it. Other times it is too time consuming. One of the biggest complaints is that , people have to resort to using several programs at the same time, because the software they purchased just didn’t have all the features they needed.

Can this software can be completely tailored to suit my business needs?

In order to work around the issue of having to use several programs or even writing down things manually, just because the software doesn’t cater for the business needs, we have set the software up in a way that a user can define the fields and the categories they need in their business. We fully understand that a graphic designer’s business doesn’t require the same categories a builder’s. You can also contact us, if you need any further modifications to the software.

Does this software put emphasis on the small business financial status?

We know that the places where most small business owners tend to fall and lose money is when they try to manage their finances.

It starts with the quote they give their clients which can be completely off the mark, and ends with balancing their cash-flow. We designed clear and easy to use financial modules, such as Quote Module, Cash Flow Module, Project financial view,Financial forecast, all feeding into each other. It is amazing how financially organised you can be without the headache that normally comes with it.

In our software we put an emphasis on making sure the small business is profitable. We know that small business owners tend to do the job and manage their projects, but sometimes neglect the financial aspect of it. This is why many small business fail!

Is this software is interactive?

As a software user, you will be able to share the project with your client directly from the software. The client can comment on the software page itself. Which means everything is kept under one place. You can also, send a quote and invoice directly from the software without the need to use external software, or create manual spreadsheets. You can choose who you give on-line access to the software, it can be an employee of yours, a client or anyone else you think should have access to it.

How much does it cost to use iQdesk software?

$33. One time fee. Yes it is that cheap.

Once you get used to working with iQdesk 2.0 you will see how your business management skills improve and how you grow to know and like managing your business. The more you use it the better you get at it.


Now here are some questions we would like to ask you

Can we change the way you are giving quotes for good?

I am sure you have been in this situation before. A client calls you about a job and asks for a quote. You want to give this client a good service and also nail that job. You know that the provider who gives the first quote has the highest chances to be hired and you quickly calculate in your head, the scale of the job and the hours it will take you to finish it. You multiply with your hourly rate and give this client your quote. The client seems happy enough with it and you are hired on the spot.

You are jumping for joy, and you start working on the project. When you are finished with the job, you get paid and the deal is done.

At the end of the month when you go over your cash-flow you realize that you spent so much time on this project, in fact, a lot more hours that you had initially thought it would take, and that’s not even including the endless telephone calls, the adjustments you had to do, and all the add-ons the client requested you to put. To your horror, you come to the understanding, that you actually ended up losing money and have not earned a thing this month.

Sounds familiar? We have been in situation a few times before where we ended up losing money on projects. Since we developed the Quote module, it never happened again! We want you to do the same!

What’s the most important thing in your business?

If you answered something other than cash-flow, than you haven’t paying enough attention :). Yes! of course it is your cash-flow, what else? You can have the best service /product in the world, you can be the nicest person on the planet to do business with, you can be the hardest working ever, but if your cash-flow is wrong than none of these will help you. Now, we know that some people, especially the ‘arty’ types, can’t stand numbers, hate looking at charts and just block themselves whenever they see or hear the words profits and expenses. Working without knowing your cash-flow however small your business is, is the number one rookie mistake!. Take our word for it, and get used to managing and watching it like a hawk. When you get used to it, you will grow to like it and become maybe a little bit fond of it. So, make cash-flow your best friend now, it will save you many times later.

We made it easier for you in iQDesk 2.0 Cash-Flow module, most of the stuff is fed in automatically or needs to be inserted only once, it is so user-friendly that even if you are the number 1 numbers hater , you will be able to use this module quite easily. It is also quite surprising how comprehensive and yet easy to use it is. And there is an added bonus! you get to see how much money is expected to come in!

After using this module you will be surprised how well you get to know your business.

Do you need to hire a project manager?

how many times you said to yourself, that you needed someone to do all the managing. To make sure that you are spot on the deadlines, that you are actually getting the payments you need to get, that you invoiced a client, that you need to find this file the client sent you. How many times did you run through numerous emails just looking for this specific communication with the client about this specific thing…how many times did you say, I need someone to manage my projects, because I need to get the job done and have no time to deal with it? and can someone please give the client the update he is been asking about for two weeks now? Do you actually need a project manager, but can’t afford to hire one full time?

So we hired one for you…meet your new project manager in our Project Management Module :)

Can you get to know the people you work with much much better?

Some of you if not most, are using service providers. They could be direct employees of yours, or any other freelance services you are using. It could be on a permanent or temporary basis. The money you pay for these services is often missed, especially if this is a one-off service you hired. For example, we, at our own company iQdesk, hire eleven employees on a permanent basis, occasionally we hire extra help when we have extra workload on a temporary basis, and sometimes we hire a specialist such as the talented Animator from Nepal who made this excellent animation video for us. We quickly realised that if we didn’t have one place where we recorded these “employees”(we don’t really like this word) and their rate, we will soon find ourselves not knowing who is actually working for us and how much we need to pay them. The worst thing was forgetting to add these costs to the cash-flow…

Get to know your employee manager that also takes care of your cash-flow in our Employee management module

What is the thing that can give you the most headaches, but you can’t get enough of?

I think you all know the answer to that, clients of course!

We thought what was the thing that clients want? even more than lowering your fee? :)

They want to be kept in the loop! The most calls and requests we used to get were about updates. Clients wanted to know that we are working on their projects and actually making progress. At one point we realised that we were spending too much time on answering emails and taking phone calls, we actually thought of hiring someone whose job will be just to update the clients… But then we came up with this great solution.

Check it out here in our Clients Management module.

Are you working 9 to 5 to make a living?

Well since this song was written work hours have changed to working 9 to 7 at best !

When you think of a regular 9 to 5 day you can’t help but thinking about a day full of mundane tasks.

Need to call this client, send a meeting invitation, pick up this and take care of that…

No one likes them but you need to do them!

We tried to keep it as fun as possible and as usual in iQdesk 2.0, we made sure that the tasks you are entering will feed into the project module automatically.

Check the Tasks Manager module here and see how it feeds into the other modules easily.