Why have a Web Based Management Application?

We think that iQ Desk can help you run your business, in fact we are quite sure about it because the clients that are already using it keep saying so.

But on top reason our clients like iQ Desk, is the fact that it is a web based business management application. It gives so much flexibility to be able to run your business from anywhere you like.

Just imagine that you are out of your office and you need to check something important about a specific job. As long as you can find an Internet connection (which is not that difficult these days) you are sorted.

Or imagine that you are meeting a client, you can update the job page together with him while sitting in their office! and then you can even generate an invoice directly from iQ Desk and give it to him.

There are so many scenarios where a web based application helps you. As one of our clients said: “I am so happy that I chose a web based management system! I really am!”. iQ Desk gives you the freedom to do so.