Why is it always better to sell a solution ?

What most small businesses struggle with is putting the right price tag on their services or product.
The problem with selling your products, is that you are very limited with your own resources. For example if you are a consultant, you can only charge so much for your time, and there is also a limited time you can sell, as we are all limited to x hours of work a day that can’t exceed 24 hours of course. If you are selling a product you are pretty much limited to the market value of this product, so you can’t really significantly increase your income by pure selling of these core products of your business.
So, when can you really charge more? Where is the loophole that can change the whole idea of selling your products?
Selling a solution rather than a product, means you can now sell your product plus extra services for which you can of course charge extra.
When you position yourself as a solution provider for a more general problem that the client faces, you can proportionally increase the amount of services you give the client.
For example, if you are selling cakes, you can offer a more comprehensive solution to the client’s problem, in this case, the need for a birthday cake. You can do this, by giving baking workshops, baking tips, selling related items. You can also build an online course and sell it, you can create packages combining all your services for different price tags. When you sell a solution, you can be a lot more creative and you are able to stretch your income upwards in many ways. When you are just selling your product, you are limited to a certain amount of income. From the client’s perspective, when a client feels that he is provided with a solution, clients will be willing to pay extra as they are getting a better and a bigger value for their money.
Going back to our example, instead of selling a birthday cake for $30, you can increase your income significantly, from the same client, by providing a more comprehensive solution.
As you have probably noticed, many successful businesses offer extras on their original products. If you think about it, it can be applied to many other small businesses as well.

Can you be a solution provider as well?

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