Why do you need tailor made software?

Hi all,

The great thing about iQ Desk is that it is tailor made to your needs. If you run a search on google for small business management tools you will get hundreds of results for applications that try to help you manage your business.

Some of them are good. Some of them are bad. How do you know which one good and which one not? you don’t. Even if someone has recommended to you to buy software X it doesn’t mean that it will suit your business. You know why? because the developers of the software no matter how good they are don’t know how you run your business.

We at iQ Desk don’t know either. In fact only you and your team know what you need. So when we developed iQ Desk we put a lot of effort to make flexible. And it is. Unlike other software you don’t buy it and then try to ring customer support to help you.

We will sit with you hear what you want to have and then we will modify iQ Desk to the way you like it. Simple as that. You will have an application that will do what you want it to do and not vice versa.

All of our customers are happy and love their application. Why because they were part of the development and they got what they wanted. And even more.

So before you take out your credit card and pay for expensive software give us a ring. We would love to help!