Why do you need a Business Management Software?

Why do you need a Business Management Software?

Here is one of the sentences that is directly responsible for the failure of small businesses, Unfortunately, you often hear it from many business owners. “Who has the time to run a business? All I need to know is inside my head”…

Only 40% of small businesses survive the first 5 years. Only 10% survive the first year

If you’ve ever run a small business, it is very possible that the two least enjoyable things to do in a business and the ones that you have most probably neglected quite frequently are admin work and marketing.

When we speak of admin work we mean, collecting money on time, managing orders, managing cash flow, managing customer relations. And most importantly, tasks management.

In the previous article about Automation we discussed the small business owner’s attitude towards automation and technology.

Small business owners and sole-traders, when they hear words like automation and management applications, they strongly believe these things are not part of their business world. As far as they are concerned, automation is for the’ big boys’ the big companies. They’d rather resort to their old familiar ways of running their business. The same ways that lead them year after year to that same big pit that’s waiting just for them, the small businesses.

If you are a small business owner, you may often look like you are trying to juggle many tasks at the same time, or chase numerous obligations without really managing to get them done in a reasonable time.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Let us change the way you think.

In today’s’ market there are many business management softwares, the leading ones are CRM,SAP,ERP, which you must have heard about.

These softwares offer automation to operational processes in the organization like customers management, sales, marketing, project management, staff management and more.

In our experience, when we spoke with business owners all over the world, who purchased similar business softwares for their small businesses, they all mentioned that after a few months most deserted the softwares and got back to the manual processes they know. When we asked them why? The answers were all identical. “We have no time for them” “ They take a lot of time to use” “They are too complicated”

Speaking from our experience, a small business, needs to have a small software! The software needs to be very easy use with easy modules that the small business owner can actually use. The busy business owner doesn’t have the time or the will to start learning new softwares. The business software should not be a burden but your best friend.

Does John from the local grocery store or David the graphic designer who’s working from home, need the same software they use in IBM? Probably not…

So what can good business management software do for you?

Good software that is truly designed for the small business can do wonders for your business. Just the ability to see all your business in one screen can give you this piece of mind you need. This feeling of control you need. You always know where you stand and where you are headed.

You control the backbone of your business, your cash flow and you free up a lot of time you need.


Note: iQDesk offer a free business management software. You can easily download from here

We have a client who owns a dental ex-rays clinic. His clinic is a successful one located in central London. This client analyzed his workload and realized to his surprise that he spends most of his day answering calls from clients who wish to book an appointment and writing down the appointments in a diary.

This clever client realized the problem he had and the price his business is paying and eventually he turned to us.

The software we developed for him was a booking application. The idea is that doctors and clients can book appointments in an electronic diary in his system by using a password and log in.

This software literally freed up most of his day! Now, he mainly deals with marketing and developing his business.

As you can see, business software can save you lots of time and even more money! And can give you back the control over your business.



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