Why are most small Businesses not yet reaping the benefits of the Social Media?

Traditional marketing was always too expensive for the small business. Newspaper advertising , Radio and Television commercials, have always been the big companies domain. The only means of traditional advertising a small business could normally use, was advertising through the local papers. But, if you really wanted to get to the masses, everyone knew that you had to use the big media channels, which could reach the national audiences where the real sales figures were.

But, thankfully, the world has changed greatly since, and oddly enough this change can actually benefit the small business owners. The traditional media is suffering, newspapers sales are shrinking ,television commercials are not as effective as they used to be, and people’s television viewing habits have changed so much, most don’t even watch them anymore. Radio and Television are by no means the first choice of communication by people nowadays, this is especially true for the younger media users.

Moreover, people are not talking about reaching the local or national audiences at best, people are talking about reaching the global audience. And the beauty of it, this means of media which allow this global reach ,is open for everyone, big and small companies alike. And some if it is free, or at a fraction of the cost the traditional media would have cost.

The internet social media offers just that, but for some reason you can find many inactive pages specifically ones that belong to small businesses, on the social media channels; Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Pinterest. Small businesses need to realise that whilst the big companies enjoy their reputation and get a granted credit for it, small businesses need to prove their reputation over and over again. This is true for all type of freelancers and small business owners. The more active your page is the more credible you appear to potential clients.

The number of activity on the social media channels and number of fans , as of today, indicate the business reputation and creditability, no less. This is especially true for new customers. When looking for a new provider of any kind, people will do the following:

1. Google the person

2. Go into his social media pages

If a new customer goes into the provider’s social media channels and realised that there was no activity on the page, and the page had no ‘likes’ ‘fans’ ‘followers’, this client will most likely go and search for someone who seems more reliable. By reliable we mean someone who has active social media channels. Personally, I chose my personal family doctor based on the number of Facebook likes he had.

The important point is , that there is a clear correlation in the eyes of the client between number of likes and the quality of the service provider.

The rules of the game have changed in our favour! We, the small business owners, can get a step into the global media reach, and it all depends on how hard we work at it.

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3 thoughts on “Why are most small Businesses not yet reaping the benefits of the Social Media?

  1. You’re right. Many years ago you couldn’t do anything but pay for expensive advertising. Now in a moments notice your message can be seen globally. It’s wonderful to have so many options when it comes to social media.

  2. Social Media has revolutionsed small business. It allows my business a reach that was previously only possible for multi-nationals and is completely flexible in terms of budget.

    As you mention towards the end of your article, the phenomenon of social proof is also something small business can use to their advantage. Even customers who do not participate in social media are reassured by seeing a small business has a significant social media following.

    ~ Nan

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