What is a Business Health Check?

Business Health Check is a regular check a business owner must conduct on a regular basis to check the health of his or her business.
The idea is to be aware of a business health status in order to maintain a good and stable business longevity and prosperity.
There are many business owners who never stop for a second to take a look and check what actually goes on in their business. You can’t really blame them. Most business owners are so caught up in the daily stuff they literally can’t spare a minute to check what actually is going on.

We say, if you are at this state, where you can’t spare the time to check your business health , then you are probably most in need for a check!
A business health check is basically a list of questions each business owner needs to answer honestly and clearly.
Most business health checks will test areas such as cash flow, time management,employees, daily tasks management and overall well being of the business owner.

Why is it important? it is vital to check the business health, to get an accurate idea of how your business is performing. This idea will also be a good indication of your business life-span. For example, if in each business health check , the answer for a cash-flow question is in the lines of I barely cover my costs, or I don’t earn enough, it is definitely time to stop what you are doing and re-think the whole process.

Many business owners don’t realise, that it is not the work in itself which counts, it is the worthiness of this work.
Another example would be, if a business owner’s answers reflect stress and lack of free time, it is a good sign that this business is not managed properly and in a serious need of new management techniques.

Throughout the years we have come across many business owners who treat management lightly and believe that taking the time to manage a business is pure luxury that can be placed at the bottom of their priority list. There is nothing further from the truth. Taking the time to do periodical health checks should be on the top of the priory list of every business owner.

Checking a business health , is no different than checking a person’s health. If you neglect a problem long enough, it will eventually have disastrous results.

Here is a nice example of a business health check you can take

Business Health Check

We also offer our very own business health check which you can take here

iQDesk Business Health Check

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  1. Hi, this is correct, very important to also check the marketing tactics of a business. Marketing is another full time job that needs to be addressed

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