What is the first thing you need to know in order to achieve business success?

Success can be quite elusive. Many people for some reason were brought up to believe that you have to show success immediately and appear successful at all times. Admitting that you are having a difficult time is some sort of a social taboo. People want to hear success stories, people want to be around the winners of this world, people want to bask in success, even if it someone else’s. But not just any success , the fast track success . People dream about multi million dollars exits. People are constantly searching online to find an easy way to make a huge pile of cash, but usually end up falling for the ‘get rich quick’ scams. The media doesn’t help with the endless TV shows that go out of their way to show you the rich and successful lifestyle. Everyone wants a taste of success, but the funny thing is, not many are ready to invest the effort to achieve it.
In reality, very few people actually make it the first time. Behind the rich and famous are many years of failures and hard work. Countless rejections accompanied by numerous ups and downs. Very few businesses invent a product and sell to a major company the next year. What it comes down to , is the simple truth, slow and steady will get you there. Hard work and dedication, however mundane they sound, are still the best kept secret of success.
Have you heard about the 10,000 hour rule? What it basically claims, is that in order to be an expert in something, anything, you need to invest 10,000 hours of focused practice. 10,000 hours, no less. Success doesn’t come over night (in most cases) so why do you expect your business to be a major success in its first year? Why do people give up so quickly, unless they had unrealistic expectations regarding the success of their business?
When we are talking about setting up your business, be prepared for a long period of trial and error. You will need this time to actually test the waters, check which product is working and which one isn’t, check the right marketing method that works best. Test and change the business plan until it is just right, work hard and be prepared to lose some money.
The secret is simple, just keep working at it, learn from your mistakes and don’t let the occasional glitch discourage you so much that you end up losing your business. The best method to deal with it is to look at what happened, learn and improve for the next time.
The idea is, that every entrepreneur needs to change his or her perception about business success. Success doesn’t come in a linear line but it has many twists, curves and set backs until you get there.
If you manage your expectations right, and prepare yourself both financially and mentally for the hardships that may occur in the first few years of the life your business., you will be much more likely to succeed in it.

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