What is a SaaS system?

You have probably come across the term SaaS system and watched the growing demand for one. Maybe you thought that if so many people need it, maybe you should get one too. But what is it a SaaS system?

SaaS system is short for Software as a Service. The idea behind it is, that the system is hosted in one central place, and many users can access the same software from their browsers. Saas is actually the way which most modern applications and systems are designed as. The ease of use, the world wide accessibility and the flexibility of it, have created the increasing demand for this type of system design. In fact, systems that are not web based are becoming less and less desirable and one of our clients’ first request when it comes to their application specs is to make it web based and accessed by multi-user community. basically, make it a SaaS one.

While the old style applications are normally licenced and charged with an upfront fee, the SaaS type applications offer a subscription style charge in various packages.

The nice thing about the SaaS application is that users can alter the application according to their needs. For example they can add or remove certain modules, they can customize their own settings, customers can change the application to look like their own brand, change the color scheme the logo and style.

In line with the web 2. technology, many SaaS applications offer social media and interactive tools between users. Sharing documents, tasks and information is a common request by our clients as well.

As you can easily see, this type of application design adapts better to today’s business needs. The old style applications are getting quickly pushed aside in favor of the SaaS style software.

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  1. Thank you for the easy to read SaaS system explanation. I would like to develop a SaaS booking system for my business. Can you help me with this?


  2. Hi Andy,

    We can definitely help you out with this. Please contact us via our contact form for details.


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