Welcome to iQDesk

Welcome to iQDesk! Your new free business management software.

We offer a completely free business management software designed specifically for freelancers and small business owners. The software offers five modules to manage clients,jobs,tasks,costs and invoice, and an admin module. This software is completely free of charge and will always remain free.

It is a free software to download for everyone to use and enjoy. It will enable all business owners to run their business a lot more efficiently and own one of the most powerful softwares out there for free. We would also like the clients to take part in developing other modules if they choose to.

We would like to attract world wide clients. As the software if very powerful and professional and covers main business aspects for a small business and freelancers. We believe it will attract many global users.

We would like to advertise it as a word of mouth marketing method. The software is free because we believe everyone deserves to get their business in order and get it automated even if they can’t afford buying expensive softwares.

We would like to create a client base that will benefit from using the software. Also, we would appreciate getting global feedback about the software.

For more information about the software please click here www.iqdesk.co.uk


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