New ways to drive traffic to your website

As business owners and I am sure as marketers (we all are to some extent) we must be already aware of the usual tips and advice.
The internet space is filled and inundated with numerous blogs basically saying the same things mainly around organic SEO, PPC and Social media.

In my search of looking for new and innovative ways to drive more traffic to the website, I have come across excellent information on how to drive more traffic to your website using YouTube and Mobiles.

The following blog offers wonderful tips on how to structure your YouTube videos in a way that actually attracts traffic to your website.

Use YouTube to drive traffic to your website

Although we are aware of YouTube and many small businesses are using the YouTube platform to upload their promotional videos. Very little businesses actually benefit from YouTube. Main problem is that although a video may incur numerous views, there is very little following action by the viewers. Viewing the video should only be the teaser to engage the viewers with your business and services. Keep in mind that YouTube is a very effective search engine and people are using it to search services and products, same as they use other search engines.

Another way, which I found interesting and not commonly used by the small businesses, is to invest in mobile traffic. Mobile traffic is still relatively new for many small businesses but is commonly used by big companies. Namely the big news channels. The following blog gives excellent information about the change in driving traffic to your business using mobile, and in my opinion it is a must read and do piece of information.

Driving Mobile Traffic

Online marketing world is quickly shifting as always. It has become essential to keep getting updated on the latest surfing behaviour of users and adapt quickly. Using the old methods to drive organic and PPC traffic into a website however established it may be, could prove to be not enough in the coming years.

Although, it may be time consuming to run a business and also become a savvy marketer at the same time, in this rapidly changing world of marketing it is an essential duty.

Please have a look at you YouTube video that is also keyword optimised and incorporated a call to action.

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  1. Good tips especially the blog about how to optimize the video for youtube viewers to drive traffic. As always excellent stuff! thanks

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