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Hi all,

Due to request from many users we added a version without ads for iQDesk. Many of you wrote and say that it is not very professional sitting in a meeting with a client and have iQDesk opened with ads on it. So now you can buy for just $9.99 a version without any ads on it.

Another option we offer is personalised iQDesk for those who want to change the logo of iQDesk and put their logo as background. This is $9.99 as well.

Last thing we have a fantastic offer for hosting – for just $14.99 one time fee you get 250MB and 1GB monthly bandwidth. This is a great offer! most of the hosting packages have monthly fee. So even if you pay just $3 per month for your hosting, for the long run it is expensive!

To upgrade your version please visit our upgrade page.

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