Best Tip that your Business Management Software can give you

There are certain facts that we all know about small businesses;

Most of us small business owners work hard. It’s a known fact.
Most of us small business owners have little time for leisure , it is also a known fact.
Most of us small business owners put a lot of effort into our business, this is also a known fact.
But, most of us direct many efforts in the wrong direction! This is actually not a well known fact.

Is it really true? Do many of us direct our efforts in the wrong direction? How can these efforts be channeled into a better direction?
This is something I myself realized only after we at iQDesk decided to add a new feature to our own Business Management Software. The feature we added was a way to quickly see which one of our clients were the most profitable ones and which ones were the least. Once we added that feature, what an insight it was!

It turned out, that most of our efforts have been directed at our least profitable clients. Our mistake was the clients who shouted the most, got the best service and most of our efforts. In the Business Software, you can also easily see the hours you invest per client and compare your efforts vs. profitability.

This holds true I am sure, to many other small business owners. As business managers ourselves we didn’t realize this fact,it could be down to the fact that while being so busy, you sometimes miss the big picture. We needed a Business Software, to give us this insight.

Business Management Software, do help us in running the day to day, but they also, give you valuable insights into your business. Knowing which clients to keep and invest our efforts in , is a huge benefit for any business owner.

Added by iQDesk Ltd.

5 thoughts on “Best Tip that your Business Management Software can give you

  1. I believe this is more than true. I have worked in many businesses before and it is in fact the client who shouts the loudest who ends up with the best service, and each time they contacted the business owners they went out of their way to serve them, even though these clients were not profitable at all. It was just a matter of nor getting shouted at. It does sound ridiculous, but this is the way it is in many firms.

  2. and Brian, don’t forget the “sensitive client” which basically meant a difficult client. Anyway, this is a good tip, we should be investing our so limited time anyway in our good clients…

  3. I believe this is true, many business owners do direct a lot of efforts in the wrong direction, investing in clients that gives the least profit and the most noise :)

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