The Revolutionary Road To Your Success

Last week I happened to watch the film “Revolutionary Road”. Now, I don’t know what you thought of it, but personally I thought it was a mediocre film with particularly bad acting. But hey, it is just me…

What made me think of this film this morning? I will tell you. There is one line in the film where Leonardo Decaprio asks Kate Winslet if she knew what the meaning of insanity was. And then he goes on and explains to her that it meant that inability to love and relate to another human being. To tell you the truth, I have no idea where he got this definition from, because I know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get different results.

Yesterday, I got a call from our client. He works as a translator, and apparently he has some very big contracts with blue-chip companies. The way he works is , he locks himself in his bedroom in front of his computer, hardly eats, doesn’t speak to his wife and just works constantly until the project is finished. He somehow manages to finish his projects in time , just barely! but he has no life for himself or his family. His wife wants a divorce and he is very miserable. She is even relieved when he doesn’t get jobs at all, so this means she can have a few normal days for their family.

He was so frustrated and yet, did nothing about that at all. I have to admit his behaviour is nothing special at all. MOST of us behave like that. Just carry on with what we normally do and expect somehow that things will turn out differently. Become richer, famous, better looking, but then, if you don’t do anything about that, nothing will happen, sounds simple? of course! so why don’t most of us do something to make what you want to achieve achievable?

Let’s go back to our client here, last month he had a heart attack, I know it sounds extreme, but he really did! he was hovering over his desk as usual, and got very stressed to finish a big job for one of his clients. This client was actually threatening to leave him because he was unhappy with the speed of the job. He got so scared and intimidated so he works himself 3 days flat to get the job done when he started feeling acute chest pains. This is what made him change his mind. This was the trigger that made him want to change something. He called us for help, he decided the wanted major parts of his business to work on auto-pilot. He wanted the booking of orders, the billing and invoicing, the auto emails and work progress to be completely automated and simultaneously transported to the client. He wanted to free himself from hours and hours of work. He loves to translate that is his passion in life, but he didn’t want to deal with the job that comes with it.

This client is getting a completely tailor-made solution. He is not only buying an application. He is buying his life back.

Do we really need to reach the verge of death to change the way we do things? Here’s some food for thought.

2 thoughts on “The Revolutionary Road To Your Success

  1. Thanks for this enlightening post. I was really touched. You know, when I was still employed, I thought if I will became an entrepreneur I’ll be free. Free from my boring life at work and free from a cruel boss.

    But when I became self-employed, I was still in prison because I can’t do the things I really wanted, to be free. For now I was really broke so I need to be tied-up to my work but someday if I will earn much more than I need to spend for my family, I will give the work to others and I will choose your products.

  2. Hey Lito,

    You are definitely thinking in the right direction, and I am sure you will be a success!


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