The Prophets of Doom

Setting up a business can be an emotional journey. The fears and doubts about even communicating your business idea out loud to people, are everywhere; they lurk and attack the business owner from both internal and external circles. The external circle is mostly your immediate circle of family and friends. Many times it is this immediate circle that doesn’t really support your business idea. It can be your mom or dad, your partner, friends and acquaintances. Even one little negative feedback can knock down the idea of the business. A business idea is almost like a man standing on a tip of an iceberg, the faintest wind blow can drop him crashing down.

How many times did you want to set up a business, or just had a business idea you thought was excellent, and you discussed it with your family and friends just to hear the following:
“It will never work..”
This advice many times comes from people who may have your best interest in mind, but also from people who have never tried to set up a business in their life. Many times you hear this warning from people, that the mere idea of going solo in business intimidates them greatly.
The internal circle and the more important one, is the business owner/entrepreneur himself. The internal dialogue inside the entrepreneur’s mind is crucial for the very early stages in a life of a business. a negative dialogue such as ,I don’t have the money/skills/time/energy/knowledge..etc..etc.. ,can rapidly kill a business idea.
Moreover, it is often the fear of failure that prevents people from daring to make the move.
There are in fact, some business owners who failed in the past, but moved on to eventually build a new and successful business. But these people have got this entrepreneurship spirit in them. They learn from their mistakes and change the reality in the next business.
But to be completely honest, how many people do you know out there, who wanted to set up their own business and had never dared to, just from fearing failure. And even more than that, how many people out there you know, tried and failed and then swore that they will never try again? Some of them became the prophets of doom and gloom for all the potential small businesses owners, and keep discouraging them by saying statement like,
“Been there it is no picnic”
“It is pure slavery”
Better be an employee”
“You will end up losing lots of money”

They actually make this sound like mission impossible!

Let me tell you a small story about one small business that should never have failed, if only the business owner had better prepared for it, and took the time to manage it properly. This business owner named Jerry, ended up being one of those Prophets of Doom among our circle of friends.
Jerry once owned a little business in South London which he loved very much. The business was about manufacturing manikins for theaters, retail, and for private collectors. It was truly a niche business. The manikins were handmade and Jerry really enjoyed the creativity and his studio. It was his dream come true. Customers started to flow in, orders were booming. His business had the huge benefit of word of mouth marketing, and suddenly there was a very high demand for his product.
Jerry soon found himself lost in a sea of orders, handling numerous telephone calls. He worked around the clock at his studio, days and nights, weekends and holidays. Hardly took a break from the business. But the business eventually never took off. Jerry lost control! He didn’t know how much money he owed and how much money he was owed. He couldn’t keep track of the orders. The business was headed in one direction only.

A Free Fall!

The business eventually collapsed, the studio was shut down. The dream was over…
Jerry is now working as a network technician for a distribution company, and if you ever ask Jerry about his business, you will surely hear his doom and gloom prophecy.


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