The big picture

When you run your business, sometimes it is just a matter of getting through the day. Between all the things you need to do and the endless tasks, you may feel more like a juggler than a business owner.

The big risk in doing that is that in order to survive and have a viable business, you will need to see things differently. Instead of looking at what you are doing at the moment through a narrow view, like most small business owners do. You will need to see how everything you do, connects to the other, and how everything you do, sits within your business. To simplify this, let’s just say, each invoice you send, each payment you pay, each project you finish or delay, each deadline you bit, all have a direct impact on your business. Everything you do must lead to your cash flow.

Realistically, it is hard to achieve, especially when you are a one man or woman show. Who honestly has the time and patience to sit down and calculate every milestone payment, every client debt, or how the quote you gave to your client on one job actually affected the cash flow?

In order to achieve this properly, you will need to have some management experience or education. If you don’t, you may lose your business.

Having the small business owner on our minds and knowing the challenges a business owner faces, we have identified the lack of seeing the big picture and how everything fits together, as the number one problem a business owner faces. Also, realizing that many people are not MBA graduates and still deserve to run their business professionally, we designed our software so it will do exactly that. Each

module “speaks” with the other module and they all feed into your cash flow. This should allow you, the business owner to run your business professionally and confidently, you will see the big picture easily and most importantly, you will be able to see how your actions affect the cash flow.

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The new iQdesk software version is due to release March 2013. In the meantime feel free to download the free version available on this website.

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