The best tip before you buy a Small Business Management Software

If you are reading this article, you have probably done enough research on the various business management software available for small businesses.

In fact, since there are so many of them out there, promising you the world and extensive savings of time and money you are probably only left confused for choice.

Before you commit to a software and we know it is a commitment , once you have started and added your data onto one software and gotten relatively used to it, it is hard and I mean very hard to start thinking about inputting all your client data, financials and other crucial business information onto another software. Think about a business software, as a long term relationship and not something you can switch over and over again when it doesn’t suit your needs any more.

We would like to give you a tip here, one that surprisingly many small business owners who are on the hunt for a good software to run their business, decline to do over and over again.

If you are truly interested in saving time and money, BEFORE you even consider any business management software, simply sit down with yourself, or with a couple of your colleagues, and draw up a list of requirements. Simple? yes! doable ? definitely! so why so few people actually sit down and do this? Anyone who has ever worked in large cooperations knows the meaning or probably experienced the endless meetings of product assessment and requirements. Organizations have the business skills to know, that before you commit to a big purchase you need to draw a list of requirements and specifications. If they find an off the shelf product to purchase, that is great, if not, they will build one that suits their needs.

Many small business owners are too busy juggling and doing so many things on their own, so having a meeting even with yourself, sounds like a waste of time, or something that only the big organizations need to do. This is very wrong indeed.

Our tip is simple:

1) Take the time to sit down without any distractions;
2) Write down everything that you do throughout the day;
3) Write down everything you keep delaying for later;
4) Look at your desk and write down what kind of paper work is piled up there;
5) Think about what made you lose money in the last quarter (e.g. not invoicing on time, not keeping up with deadlines, certain delays in supply or dispatch).

Once you are done with the above, Think about what you want a small business software to do for you. Only now, that you know what your business needs and wants, start your search!

Don’t be tempted to buy a software that promises you everything, look again at your requirement list if you have any doubts.

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