Tasks Management Module

Managing your daily tasks often gets postponed. One of the biggest problems business owners face today when it comes to their daily management is knowing how to prioritise their workload.
How many times have you started to do something , just to realise that you have just been spending hours on something which is not the highest priority. How many times times have you forgotten to do something that was actually quite important. How many times do you postponed and reschedule , meetings, calls, even work? and how many times you should have delegated something and you didn’t? This is what this module is all about. Those daily tasks you need to do, those little daily struggles of how to manage your time properly. All can be resolved by using this Tasks Management module we developed to tackle those very same issues.


Add New TaskManage your day to day and put a reminder


Add New FolderSort your responsibilities


My TasksSee what you need to do and prioritise


Team TasksLearn to delegate


See your tasks automatically feeding into the Project Management Module

When you assign a task to a specific project, this same task is going to show in the project management module, this means you don’t need to enter the same task twice.


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