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Not only Business Management Software, but also Quality of Life

We believe that the apps world has changed not only the business world, but also people’s quality of life.

Read here to see how it has dramatically changed the world and how it will continue changing

How to improve your life using apps

Get Featured on our Free Business Management Software

We are happy to say that since we have launched our Free Business Management Software a couple of month ago iQDesk 2.0, we have 1242 confirmed and active users. So well done to you all for taking the initiative to improve your business.

As we have promised before, we will be offering deals and special offers to our most active users.

Our April offer was to Unlock the Quote Module for free if you uploaded 3 projects and 3 clients to your iQDesk 2.0 Account.


Our May offer is to get your business featured for FREE on our very active blog! All you need to do, is add 3 new projects and 3 new clients to the business software and reply here saying -“May offer” along side with your business link and a few words about your business.

We have some more exciting news to come very soon, so keep following us.
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Why Use iQDesk 2.0 Free Business Management Software

It is Free  iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software is free. This is in line with our ongoing policy of creating and delivering free products for business owners all over the world. Join to our growing community on Facebook.

Easy to use This business software is very easy to use, it is designed in a simple way to ensure a quick learning curve. We know business owners are too busy to take the time to learn complex business software, so we developed iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software with that in mind. The business software enables  modules to feed each other.

The learning curve is minimal. it is very intuitive

Focused on your Financials iQDesk 2.0 Business Software is designed in a way where a lot of emphasis is around the business financial health.Every module in the software is geared towards the bottom line of business profitability.This software acts as your business finance watch-dog and will alert you in many instances where your profits not sufficient.

In one look you can easily know how much money should come in

Interactive It is imperative to keep a clear and open communication channels with your clients. While most businesses still use emails and telephone calls , we designed an on –page communication channel. You can use the project page where your clients are already logged in to discuss the work at hand.Communicating on the page, will ensure a clear log of conversations. Will allow for easy retrieval of information, as opposed to emails and calls, and will enable immediate online updates.

You can track all the communication with clients in one place

Shared online with your users In order to increase your business efficiency, iQDesk business software can be shared online with certain users such as your clients and your employees. If you decide to allow sharing, clients and employees with online access, will get to see a restricted view of the software with only the information they need to see. Sharing will allow your clients to communicate with you and see their project progress and your employees to become self –sufficient while managing their work-load independently.

You can create unlimited clients accounts

Can be tailored iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software enables the user to adjust fields in the software to suit your business specific needs. We designed it so you can decide which fields you want to see in the business software.

Use it your way!

Truly helpful

We believe that the world is changing. It is now time for us the people to reach each other and help out. People are waking up to realize that the big institutions are not there to help the small people. We are the 99%! We have been believing this for many years now before it was so widely spread, and we also believe that people can live proudly when we are financially independent. Our way to help out in this world wide awakening, is to provide tools such as this Business Management Software for the people to be able to run their own businesses with confidence. Even if you are not an MBA graduate or some big professional manager. We know that technology offers a great solution to solve and overcome the small business owners problems and failures. We have been running with our free iQdesk Business Management Software for 7 years now and we are proud to say that over 20,000 people have already downloaded the business software. But we have come to realize that the base version however nice and useful, is just not enough. So we set out to develop a more comprehensive free version designed specifically for the business owners and freelancers. We, as small business owners deserve to survive financially on our own.

This is a link to an interesting blog we wrote,explaining why we believe that it is important for people to think about becoming financially independent as they grow older.

Which business chores are you still doing and shouldn’t be doing anymore?

Do you remember the days where a housewife spent all her day and some of the small hours of the night doing household chores?
I still remember my grandma hovering over a a big pile of boiling soapy water and holding a large wooden stick to do her laundry. This chore was actually a day long chore which normally happened on every Thursday which was the laundry day.

I am sure most of you remember how they used to vacuum carpets back in those days,holding a wooden carpet beater, while carpets were hung over a clothesline or railing and the dust and dirt was beaten out of them filling the air with dust clouds!

Do you still remember how they used to cook? manually mixing and blending and whipping. Making a simple cake was such a big task that it took at least 3 times longer than what it takes today.

I am sure no housewife is missing those days…

Can you imagine life without a washing machine? a vacuum cleaner? or a food processor? not even mentioning the i-robots that clean , dust and wash the floors by themselves.

While household chores moved by leaps and bounds towards technology, many businesses stayed way behind. The question is why?

So many of today business chores can easily be replaced by “machines” which are basically what we call Business software.

Take your own business for example and check for yourself the chores that you are doing that can free up your time and be replaced by a software.

Do you spend many hours a week doing..

Telephone calls?
Booking Appointments?
Book keeping?
Task Management?
Giving a new quotes to a client?
Keeping track of project progress?
Instructing your employees?
and so much more…?

Are those chores like the old household chores?
We believe that they are exactly the same, and if technology replaced most of them in the house, there is no reason in the world the business chores will not be replaced by technology.

Try our demo to see how iQDesk 2.0 Business Software can help you with those business chores

Why are Business Management Software sales are booming around the globe!

One of the hottest products and in demand in the business world, is the rising demand for project and business management systems.
As society is moving towards self sufficiency and self education, more and more business owners want to be able to control all aspects of their business by themselves.

Many business owners in the past used to hire mid-level management staff , the likes of office managers,project managers,PAs. Although, these types of roles may be good and still available in most large organisations, it has proven to be quite a problem for the small business owners. The problems it created are:

1. Added costs of mid-level management salaries.
2. Another layer of supervision that needed to be supervised by the business owner.
3. Difficulty to find suitable and reliable candidates. It is notably difficult to find good mid-level managers and the employee retention is quite poor at these levels.

But, the biggest reason, was the dependency that business owners developed in these people.

It is amazing how easy it was for business owners to shed this responsibility and easily shift their business core actions to other people. Some of these mid-level employees enjoy this type of dependency and encourage it, in fact. When an employee feels that the boss desperately needs and can not handle anything without them, it is surely a great ego booster and an excellent card to play when a salary raise is in need or any other benefits.

While I am not claiming here that these jobs are redundant, I would still like to stress that developing such a dependency in your own employees is a dangerous thing. Not knowing how your own projects,clients or finances are doing is a warning sign!

So, how can you both have the time to macro-manage your business and not lose control over its core actions to your employees?

The solution lies in technology. We are in 21st century where technology holds most of the solutions to people’s problems.
Today’s business management software, offer so much control in just minutes of work, you can easily see that you don’t really need to hire some of those mid-level management employees.
Most Admin and Project Management work can be easily done through the software itself, your finances as well can be easily managed through the business software itself.

What is a better feeling than knowing that you know and control your own business. That there is not even one employee that you just HAVE to keep in your business, in order for your business to continue working. Think about how much confidence it actually gives you as a business owner.

There are many excellent business management software out there, just a few clicks away…

Software View

This view gives you a quick and updated general view of your business.  This is especially helpful if you are on the go, so you can quickly check what needs to be done and what  your  cash flow looks like. You can also edit it quickly from this view and it will save in the other modules as well.






Manage System Users

Here you can add a user to the system , define their access rights by selecting a user role and give them online access. (You can also add an employee /client from the Clients Management Module and the Employees Management Module)
Create System User screen





New user created successfully



General Settings

Here you will be able to set up your account settings so it will match with your company’s details and financial details such as bank details, rate, VAT, Currency etc.





Quote Management Module

Giving quotes is an art in itself. It is often your first contact with a new clients and a quote can be a make or break point! no less!
We all know that giving a fast quote and a competitive quote is essential when you are about to establish a connection with a new client. You did it wrong, and you simply lost the client for good. Many business owners give a quote which is simply too low and by doing this they end up losing money repeatedly. When we designed this business software we were set out to tackle this issue once and for all. We wanted to make sure business owners don’t just give quotes off the top of their heads but use a software quote module that will help them to provide a client with their best quote and not lose money on it.

But, how do you make sure you don’t lose money on the quote?

We developed a Quote Management Module that is designed to tackle this sensitive and often complicated issue of giving the right quote.


Add a Quote


Once you created the quote sheet, you can save as template if you wish and add it. Once added you will be able to convert the quote into a project, edit or delete the quote.


Once you created a project, the relevant quote will show in the project management module


Another way, to add a quote is after you have created a project, this can happen when you have started a project without giving a proper quote (less recommend practice)

Clients Management Module

Clients are the backbone of a business. Clients that feel that they are not in capable hands will probably seek to move to another service provider. Competition today, in almost every field is fierce. It’s not easy to get clients and it is even harder to maintain the clients. Once you have good clients a smart business owner will do his or her best to keep them happy.

So how do you know which clients is good which is a bad client for your business?

At iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software we took care of this too, the Client Management Module has a really cool feature that shows you, which of your clients generate you profit and which clients don’t.


Keep good records of your clients


Add New Clientfill in their details and upload their relevant files (agreements,contracts,company docs)


Manage Client fields- here you can add and modify clients fields to allow more user flexibility



You can decide if you want to give client online access so they can follow their own projects and communicate with you on their project page



There is the new client you have just created


This module gives you great insight into your clients aspect of your business. Covers the important issues of client profitability and management, and enables you to grant online access to your clients.