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Why are Business Management Software sales are booming around the globe!

One of the hottest products and in demand in the business world, is the rising demand for project and business management systems.
As society is moving towards self sufficiency and self education, more and more business owners want to be able to control all aspects of their business by themselves.

Many business owners in the past used to hire mid-level management staff , the likes of office managers,project managers,PAs. Although, these types of roles may be good and still available in most large organisations, it has proven to be quite a problem for the small business owners. The problems it created are:

1. Added costs of mid-level management salaries.
2. Another layer of supervision that needed to be supervised by the business owner.
3. Difficulty to find suitable and reliable candidates. It is notably difficult to find good mid-level managers and the employee retention is quite poor at these levels.

But, the biggest reason, was the dependency that business owners developed in these people.

It is amazing how easy it was for business owners to shed this responsibility and easily shift their business core actions to other people. Some of these mid-level employees enjoy this type of dependency and encourage it, in fact. When an employee feels that the boss desperately needs and can not handle anything without them, it is surely a great ego booster and an excellent card to play when a salary raise is in need or any other benefits.

While I am not claiming here that these jobs are redundant, I would still like to stress that developing such a dependency in your own employees is a dangerous thing. Not knowing how your own projects,clients or finances are doing is a warning sign!

So, how can you both have the time to macro-manage your business and not lose control over its core actions to your employees?

The solution lies in technology. We are in 21st century where technology holds most of the solutions to people’s problems.
Today’s business management software, offer so much control in just minutes of work, you can easily see that you don’t really need to hire some of those mid-level management employees.
Most Admin and Project Management work can be easily done through the software itself, your finances as well can be easily managed through the business software itself.

What is a better feeling than knowing that you know and control your own business. That there is not even one employee that you just HAVE to keep in your business, in order for your business to continue working. Think about how much confidence it actually gives you as a business owner.

There are many excellent business management software out there, just a few clicks away…

General Settings

Here you will be able to set up your account settings so it will match with your company’s details and financial details such as bank details, rate, VAT, Currency etc.





Quote Management Module

Giving quotes is an art in itself. It is often your first contact with a new clients and a quote can be a make or break point! no less!
We all know that giving a fast quote and a competitive quote is essential when you are about to establish a connection with a new client. You did it wrong, and you simply lost the client for good. Many business owners give a quote which is simply too low and by doing this they end up losing money repeatedly. When we designed this business software we were set out to tackle this issue once and for all. We wanted to make sure business owners don’t just give quotes off the top of their heads but use a software quote module that will help them to provide a client with their best quote and not lose money on it.

But, how do you make sure you don’t lose money on the quote?

We developed a Quote Management Module that is designed to tackle this sensitive and often complicated issue of giving the right quote.


Add a Quote


Once you created the quote sheet, you can save as template if you wish and add it. Once added you will be able to convert the quote into a project, edit or delete the quote.


Once you created a project, the relevant quote will show in the project management module


Another way, to add a quote is after you have created a project, this can happen when you have started a project without giving a proper quote (less recommend practice)

Clients Management Module

Clients are the backbone of a business. Clients that feel that they are not in capable hands will probably seek to move to another service provider. Competition today, in almost every field is fierce. It’s not easy to get clients and it is even harder to maintain the clients. Once you have good clients a smart business owner will do his or her best to keep them happy.

So how do you know which clients is good which is a bad client for your business?

At iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software we took care of this too, the Client Management Module has a really cool feature that shows you, which of your clients generate you profit and which clients don’t.


Keep good records of your clients


Add New Clientfill in their details and upload their relevant files (agreements,contracts,company docs)


Manage Client fields- here you can add and modify clients fields to allow more user flexibility



You can decide if you want to give client online access so they can follow their own projects and communicate with you on their project page



There is the new client you have just created


This module gives you great insight into your clients aspect of your business. Covers the important issues of client profitability and management, and enables you to grant online access to your clients.

Tasks Management Module

Managing your daily tasks often gets postponed. One of the biggest problems business owners face today when it comes to their daily management is knowing how to prioritise their workload.
How many times have you started to do something , just to realise that you have just been spending hours on something which is not the highest priority. How many times times have you forgotten to do something that was actually quite important. How many times do you postponed and reschedule , meetings, calls, even work? and how many times you should have delegated something and you didn’t? This is what this module is all about. Those daily tasks you need to do, those little daily struggles of how to manage your time properly. All can be resolved by using this Tasks Management module we developed to tackle those very same issues.


Add New TaskManage your day to day and put a reminder


Add New FolderSort your responsibilities


My TasksSee what you need to do and prioritise


Team TasksLearn to delegate


See your tasks automatically feeding into the Project Management Module

When you assign a task to a specific project, this same task is going to show in the project management module, this means you don’t need to enter the same task twice.


iQdesk 2.0 Business Management Software Press Release

Excellent PR websites and completely free. We recommend to use them in case you want to increase your business exposure. These websites are completely free to use.

This is what our PR looks like on these websites.

iQDesk Business Management Software second release PR

iQDesk 2.0 Busienss Management Software Press Release

iQDesk Small Business software Press Release

Business Management Software – iQdesk Project Management Module

iQdesk 2.0 offers a brilliant tool for any small or medium business owners. The unique features of this project management tool allow each and every individual of any level of education and skills to master project management easily, using the most advanced tools in the market today and without having to spend a lot of money and time reading project management books or taking expensive courses.
iQdesk 2.0 Business Management Software, does just that, here are some of the features you are going to see when you download the business software.
On this page you will see how serious management problems that a business owner faces all the time get resolved by the business software without having to work hard or to spend a lot of hours learning business management.

We can assure you that every day problems such as Time Management, Invoicing, Cash Flow Management,Employee Management,Client communication,Prioritization, Workflow Management and much more, all of these get easily addressed and fully resolved by using just the project page.

Project Summery


In this view you can update the project status and details, such as dates, budget, description, scale. The nice thing about this view is that you can edit the fields and add and modify fields according to your business requirements.

Add/Manage fieldAdd_field

New field showing according to your own requirementsadd_field2

Add/Manage status


New status showing according to your own requirements



You can also archive or delete a project from here, don’t miss out on the very useful Quick Financial Review button.

Quick Financial Review

Another Quick tool is this one Quick_financial_review

This is a quick financial review tool that you can use on the go. It will give you a quick outlook on the project finances just to make sure that the most important aspect of your business which is profitability is fully covered.

Production Management


This section of the project page, may look simple, but if you look closely you will see how powerful it actually is

Production Milestones

The part Production Milestones is basically EVERYTHING you need to do in that project. The nice thing about it, is that the software updates automatically with the production milestones straight from the Quote tool which you had already done. The Production Milestones can be accessed by your employees and they can easily update the progress on each milestone.

Once the progress is updated, the Gantt chart automatically updates as well. Giving you a clear graphic display of your project progress. Your clients who ordered this project can also access this page and see the progress of his or her project.

Create category


This is the new category you created, you can now add milestones under this category and assign to employees


The new milestone us now showing under the new category and the Gantt Chart automatically updates with the completion rate of the milestone


Project Tasks

The project tasks section, should already be updated from the tasks module itself. This section is essential to keep track of all the things you need to do with this project. You can assign a priority and get alerts when the due date comes. This tool comes in very handy especially for people who find it hard to prioritise their tasks.


Project Finances


This section of the project page, reflects one of the most important aspects of your projects.

This section shows you the finances of your project. On the left hand-side you get to see the money that should come in for the project phases (production milestones, any other payment that should come in) you can generate invoices and send them out to clients and manage your invoicing from there. Invoicing correctly is a skill that needs to be mastered as well, and this software does it for you.

Financial Milestones


Generate an invoice



Completely automated invoice is generated


Costs Per Project

On the right hand-side you will see the costs per project. It is not enough to see how much money is coming in but it is also essential to see how much money is coming out per this exact same project. You can easily manage your payments from this section and add employee time as an expense. Employee time will update automatically according with the previous employee rate your have entered in the employees management module.


All costs that are marked as ‘paid’ will feed in the current screen in the Cash Flow Management Module. All Costs that are still ‘in progress’ status will feed into the Forecast screen in the Cash Flow Management Module.


At the bottom of the screenshot you will see a quote section, this quote section will feed automatically from the quote tool. We have decided to add the quote here as a comparison tool. It is very important to see that you are not exceeding the quote you have given in order to maintain profitability per project.

The Quote of course can not be edited.




The last section of the project page, is a general management section of the project. Although it seems obvious, many business owners find it hard to find the relevant paperwork and contracts associated with a specific project and waste a lot of time trying to retrieve this information. Here you can upload all the contracts and specification documents and all the emails that are linked to this project, having all the files in one place makes sense and is purely good management.

The notes sections, is basically a chatting tool that records all the chats and communication you had with the client. This is far better tool than using emails. Take our word for it, we have been using this toll with our clients since we launched this business management software and it is the best. Not only does it keep good record of everything, you also know exactly where to find the relevant communication.
the calendar is a specifically tailored calendar that reflects the start date and deadlines of the project. it is gets updates automatically in line with the changes in dates you will enter on that page.


iQdesk 2.0 Project Management Software tutorial video

What should the business world learn from the industrial revolution

The industrial revolution has marked a massive change in the industrial world. This change has literally revolutionised people’s lives. This 18th century turning point in human evolution turned out to be one of the biggest factors of human economic and personal growth. People’s quality of life and financial situation have changed so dramatically, that although the of changes spanned around years , the change has been a revolution.

The main cause for this change was the shift from manual labour to machines. Work that used to take so much of human effort and energy, turned to something that could be easily executed by machines. Machines and and automation of most of the manual work in factories, have literally, freed people from working endlessly just to see little progress. Efficiency was the best outcome of this entire period of change.

The business world on the other hand is still struggling in adapting those “machines” to replace those “workers” it is the equivalent of working in one of the old factories prior to the industrial revolution and still manually labouring to produce results.

Even in big corporations, we see many businesses which employ thousands of employees to produce reports manually on Excel sheets , instead of using a business software, that can easily generate the reports in a matter of seconds. We constantly see businesses who still hire a team of customer service employees, just to coordinate and book meetings. We see companies that employ people just to take orders from clients. We see many clients who can easily take a huge quick turn in the direction of becoming lean and super efficient.

The idea behind business management software, is very easy. Take the manual labour and turn it into a software. Just like the idea of taking the old manufacturing methods and replacing them by machines. Just like they did back them in the 18th century.

Added by iQDesk Ltd.

Who is behind iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software

Some of you asked us recently about the development company that developed iQDesk Business Software. Most wanted to know if the developers of the business management software, are reputable and reliable.
I wanted to take this opportunity to clear this matter up. iQDesk Business Management Software was developed by iQDesk Ltd. Development House
iQDesk Ltd. is the development wing of iQDesk.net products. In simpler words, we developed iQDesk Business Software :).

iQDesk Ltd. is a well established development house, specialising in Web and Mobile Development. Set up in 2006 and currently employs over 20 staff of Developers, management , graphic designers, marketing experts etc.

Here is some more information about iQDesk Development House. You can check here our portfolio, experience and get updated with the latest news and events.

The Business Management Software recent launch is a new release of the well known iQDesk 1.0 and the later released iQDesk 1.1 free business software version. Up to this very moment over 27,000 people have downloaded the free business software version and counting…

We strongly suggest to request a demo and check out the new version iQDesk 2.0 as it offers interactive and smart tools to take your business to the new generation. We developed it thinking about small business owners and what they need to make their business management skills superb, nothing less. The main idea behind the business software, is too maintain profitability of the business at all times and in every stage of the work.

We are especially proud of the Cash-Flow , Project Management and Quote modules which are linked in a smart and innovative way to ensure that the business finances are closely monitored. We would also like to introduce to you the clients management tool that will show you the most profitable clients and the least profitable ones. This gets updated ‘live’ as well.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas you have. We would love to hear from you

How do Business Software contribute to the Paper-Pushing industry?

Recently, I have been thinking about something an ex-colleague of mine said. Back then we were both working for a large organization in the banking industry. I was her team manager and she was and still is a very clever, no-nonsense kind of girl. One day over a pint at our regular pub, she told me that she was looking to do something meaningful in her life and that she was tired of pushing paper and dealing with made-up issues that don’t really exist.  What she said stayed with me for many years later. Unfortunately, this girl couldn’t really break from this paper-pushing industry and she is still employed in another large bank doing another meaningless executive/specialist kind of job.

Technology and specifically, business software, or any kind of business automation, should have long freed people from these long working hours. If you think about it, with such advanced technology, how is that, that we are working longer hours today then 40 years ago? Why hasn’t technology in fact revolutionised the employment market?

if you happened to read David Graeber article , you will see that he is addressing the exact same issue , he further reminds us that in 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted that, by the year 2000, technology would change the working world so dramatically that first world countries would all move to 15 hour weeks.
Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/public-service/the-modern-phenomenon-of-nonsense-jobs-20130831-2sy3j.html#ixzz2mWSKiEA1 

So why hadn’t it happened? According to David Graeber, it actually had and in a big way.  If you just open your eyes and check among your co-workers, friends or family, you will undoubtedly find many of them are employed in nonsense jobs that either can be not done at all, or can be done in one quarter of the time.  According to David Graeber,the reason people are in fact working long hours is that the governments have an interest to keep us all busy all the time and employed all the time.  I would also like to add to that, the employees themselves are scared from technology, knowing that the business software can replace their job and make them redundant.  You will find many employees opposing any kind of business automation fearing of losing their jobs to the machines.

As this fact may be sad but true for our fellow employees, for us, business owners is a totally different story. We are happy to see that  John Maynard Keynes’ prediction materialised in reality, and that the working hours actually have been reduced dramatically.  As business owners, we can use  technology in our benefit by harnessing its’ true capabilities to help us with our work.  Today, I can’t even begin to imagine how much longer it would probably have taken me to run my daily duties without using technology.  We can make  John Maynard Keynes proud and demonstrate a shortened working week as he so cleverly predicted by trying to get our workload as automated as possible.


Added by iQDesk Ltd.