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Why are Business Management Software sales are booming around the globe!

One of the hottest products and in demand in the business world, is the rising demand for project and business management systems.
As society is moving towards self sufficiency and self education, more and more business owners want to be able to control all aspects of their business by themselves.

Many business owners in the past used to hire mid-level management staff , the likes of office managers,project managers,PAs. Although, these types of roles may be good and still available in most large organisations, it has proven to be quite a problem for the small business owners. The problems it created are:

1. Added costs of mid-level management salaries.
2. Another layer of supervision that needed to be supervised by the business owner.
3. Difficulty to find suitable and reliable candidates. It is notably difficult to find good mid-level managers and the employee retention is quite poor at these levels.

But, the biggest reason, was the dependency that business owners developed in these people.

It is amazing how easy it was for business owners to shed this responsibility and easily shift their business core actions to other people. Some of these mid-level employees enjoy this type of dependency and encourage it, in fact. When an employee feels that the boss desperately needs and can not handle anything without them, it is surely a great ego booster and an excellent card to play when a salary raise is in need or any other benefits.

While I am not claiming here that these jobs are redundant, I would still like to stress that developing such a dependency in your own employees is a dangerous thing. Not knowing how your own projects,clients or finances are doing is a warning sign!

So, how can you both have the time to macro-manage your business and not lose control over its core actions to your employees?

The solution lies in technology. We are in 21st century where technology holds most of the solutions to people’s problems.
Today’s business management software, offer so much control in just minutes of work, you can easily see that you don’t really need to hire some of those mid-level management employees.
Most Admin and Project Management work can be easily done through the software itself, your finances as well can be easily managed through the business software itself.

What is a better feeling than knowing that you know and control your own business. That there is not even one employee that you just HAVE to keep in your business, in order for your business to continue working. Think about how much confidence it actually gives you as a business owner.

There are many excellent business management software out there, just a few clicks away…

Manage System Users

Here you can add a user to the system , define their access rights by selecting a user role and give them online access. (You can also add an employee /client from the Clients Management Module and the Employees Management Module)
Create System User screen





New user created successfully



Who is behind iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software

Some of you asked us recently about the development company that developed iQDesk Business Software. Most wanted to know if the developers of the business management software, are reputable and reliable.
I wanted to take this opportunity to clear this matter up. iQDesk Business Management Software was developed by iQDesk Ltd. Development House
iQDesk Ltd. is the development wing of iQDesk.net products. In simpler words, we developed iQDesk Business Software :).

iQDesk Ltd. is a well established development house, specialising in Web and Mobile Development. Set up in 2006 and currently employs over 20 staff of Developers, management , graphic designers, marketing experts etc.

Here is some more information about iQDesk Development House. You can check here our portfolio, experience and get updated with the latest news and events.

The Business Management Software recent launch is a new release of the well known iQDesk 1.0 and the later released iQDesk 1.1 free business software version. Up to this very moment over 27,000 people have downloaded the free business software version and counting…

We strongly suggest to request a demo and check out the new version iQDesk 2.0 as it offers interactive and smart tools to take your business to the new generation. We developed it thinking about small business owners and what they need to make their business management skills superb, nothing less. The main idea behind the business software, is too maintain profitability of the business at all times and in every stage of the work.

We are especially proud of the Cash-Flow , Project Management and Quote modules which are linked in a smart and innovative way to ensure that the business finances are closely monitored. We would also like to introduce to you the clients management tool that will show you the most profitable clients and the least profitable ones. This gets updated ‘live’ as well.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas you have. We would love to hear from you