Tasks Management

Learn to manage day to day and learn to delegate



Many Business Management software users don’t use this feature, We actually recommend using it and often!

Input every task you have religiously, being a meeting, a telephone call, chatting to someone, purchasing something for the business. Assign task to delegate to others. This task tool, is so important for the day to day management,that only once you use it regularly you start to appreciate how strong it really is. The fact that you can assign tasks to other people on the screen for them to see, saves you the time to go over to their desks or call them. The fact that you can follow up on the task , saves you time and energy of checking personally with each individual the status of the task. Don’t rely on your own memory to run and manage your tasks. Just use this module and see how it becomes much easier to manage the day to day stuff.

Any task you assign to a project , will show automatically in the Manage Projects module.

Manage your daily tasks easily