iQDesk software main view

Get informed in a second and Learn where to prioritize


This view gives you valuable information in one glance. Wherever you are and if you only have a few seconds to get updated, you can have a look here and check your business status. It also directs you on how to prioritize work and payments in the next week. This view is vital if you want to know what you need to manage next, and where you need to invest your efforts.

  • incomeExpected income

    Get your financial status update with this quick view. This very important view gives you a short-cut to check your income and expenses. This is not only valuable for your business health, but also for you as a business owner to become informed with your business financial state on the go and 24/7. No one can surprise you, not your banker, investors, or accountant, you are the one who will know first and best what your figures are.

  • taskTasks closest to due date

    Check from here what you or your team need to do today, this view is very useful as personal organizer, one look when you start your work day and you know exactly what is expected from you or your team today.
    You can also add a quick task from here if something new has just popped up.

  • projectProjects closest to due date

    Quick update about which projects are nearing their deadlines. This is very useful in order to know what to prioritize. Deadline=payments, so be sure to direct the efforts in the direction of these projects.

  • milestoneProject milestones

    Here you can see what needs to be done and by whom to ensure keeping those deadlines.
    You can check if a specific stage of the project is being done by the person assigned to this milestone.

  • payForecasted payments

    A very important picture of your next expenses and incoming payments. Here you can check what will be your balance on each day in future so you can plan and push for payments accordingly