Employees Management

Learn to manage them, know how much they cost, and turn them self sufficient



Here you can update your employees’ information, you can also add their files such as CV or any other work agreement you have with the employee. Very important tool to keep your business most important resource -your employees- stored.

The nice thing about this tool, is that you can add the employee salary/fee and fee type in here, this information feeds the other sections of this software, such as the Quote Tool and the {Manage Projects Tool}. Every time you will need to calculate employee expense the relevant information will feed into the relevant place.

If you want your employees to be more self sufficient you can grant them online access in this module so they will be able to check their relevant software pages, such as Project Page and Tasks Page , they will also be able to update their own pages and know exactly what they are expected to do and when.

Your employees will be able to manage themselves, all you need to do is monitor