Clients Management

Manage them and know which ones to keep


client view

Here you can manage your clients records and information. Upload all your clients files and agreements and also decide if you want to give me an online access to the software. Clients with online access will be able to see a {restricted view} of the software pages, such as their own project page and Quote Page.and will be able to communicate with you via the software page itself.Clients with online access will also be able to check the status of their projects independently, saving a lot of update chasing, calls and emails.By simply organizing everything to do with a client in one place,
Finding clients details and files is not going to be a problem anymore;

Clients can view the software and get their updates live

by using this tool you can easily access this information anytime.Bonus feature is something that many business owners are not aware of. Knowing who are your most profitable clients and who are your worst clients, gives you a quick and vital insight into where you should focus your efforts. Many business owners spend most of their efforts on the “wrong” clients instead of on the “right” clients.Sometimes the clients who shout the most get the best service and the clients who are the most profitable don’t get appreciated enough. With this tool you can identify them.Here you can check which clients generate your business the most money. Try to keep those!

Get to know which clients produce the most profit!