Cash Flow Management

Watch it like a hawk! The place to know if you are doing something right is right here


cash flow module

In this module you will see all your payments and expenses in one place. Most of the payments would have already have fed in from the payments you have previously managed in the {Project Module}.
Here, you can insert the Fixed payments only once and adjust them on a monthly basis in an easy way.
Check your current cash flow and your forecast cash flow to get the real picture of your business now and in the near future.

Check where your profits come from

The overview section of this module is the actual bread and butter of your business, this is where everything sums up. Here you can see if what you are doing is right and where you need to improve. Check where you spend the most and see where your main income comes from. This module is a direct insight into your business vitality.Read this article to give you more insight about the importance of cash-flow in your business