Software for a Business? Small story about resistance to change

Having worked for many years now (over 20 years ) but who’s counting? You come across many individuals.  Most people start out working in organisations. When I was in my 20s my biggest dream was to work for some large blue chip company, in a big metropolitan city and hold a fancy title with an employee badge and benefits.


Once I achieved this dream, I realised that things that may look golden from the outside, may not be as shiny and bright from the inside. In my corporate life years, having worked in a few large organisations, I have come across many people. Some were happy by nature, some were miserable by nature, some were happy to engage in out of work activities and some were reluctant of the thought of doing anything extra. But the most intriguing people I met, where the ones who were completely against change.

In each and every organisation I worked for, there were those people that any thought of changing anything, even the most insignificant thing in their work habits caused a havoc and evoked such  resistance  that caused every change to become a  struggle.

The people who resisted change,  had similar traits. They were mostly afraid for their job security, they were close minded and were generally suspicious people. History teaches us that changes were mostly positive and pushed humanity forward.  But, even on much smaller scales it is true. Think about your own changes in life, if it was moving house, school or even country. Most , although a bit intimidating at first, proved to be successful and fruitful.

Same goes to work places. The biggest change resistance were around two main things. One was outsourcing some work to developing countries, and the other was around business automation.  About 10 years ago, in our department we wanted to do just that, and the concern was huge. Although management was right in telling people that these changes would not trigger lay offs and the general idea was to increase efficiency,  there were still employees who wanted to keep doing things the old fashioned way.

As in all large organisations, management pulled through and a new business software was purchased and some of the work was outsourced to other countries.

The people who were the most change resistant, actually were the first to embrace the Business Software to their benefit.  Since the Business Software now took care of the mundane duties they had to do in their daily job, they had more time to be more creative and efficient.  Also, employee satisfaction grew rapidly as much of the annoying stuff was now being done by the business software.

The moral of this story , is to embrace change and see what the future can look like. One aspect of it, maybe changing the way you work , but another would be, the overall positive outlook on life changes.


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8 thoughts on “Software for a Business? Small story about resistance to change

  1. Just got this through RSS, thanks for posting. I can tell you some stories about when we wanted to install business software to replace an entire department …what a mayhem this was…

  2. well ok, it was back in 2006 and management wanted to make a few changes in the department that was manly run by middle aged men. The idea of buying a software, rocked their world and most didn’t know how to use a computer and felt safe using their old notebooks. Le’s just say that it got to a huge loud argument that nearly deteriorated to a feast fight…crazy place that was

  3. Nice article, I have signed up to your RSS now… I have short listed a few business software and I am pretty sure I am going to purchase the iQdesk one. it seems better than the other ones…

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