Which business chores are you still doing and shouldn’t be doing anymore?

Do you remember the days where a housewife spent all her day and some of the small hours of the night doing household chores?
I still remember my grandma hovering over a a big pile of boiling soapy water and holding a large wooden stick to do her laundry. This chore was actually a day long chore which normally happened on every Thursday which was the laundry day.

I am sure most of you remember how they used to vacuum carpets back in those days,holding a wooden carpet beater, while carpets were hung over a clothesline or railing and the dust and dirt was beaten out of them filling the air with dust clouds!

Do you still remember how they used to cook? manually mixing and blending and whipping. Making a simple cake was such a big task that it took at least 3 times longer than what it takes today.

I am sure no housewife is missing those days…

Can you imagine life without a washing machine? a vacuum cleaner? or a food processor? not even mentioning the i-robots that clean , dust and wash the floors by themselves.

While household chores moved by leaps and bounds towards technology, many businesses stayed way behind. The question is why?

So many of today business chores can easily be replaced by “machines” which are basically what we call Business software.

Take your own business for example and check for yourself the chores that you are doing that can free up your time and be replaced by a software.

Do you spend many hours a week doing..

Telephone calls?
Booking Appointments?
Book keeping?
Task Management?
Giving a new quotes to a client?
Keeping track of project progress?
Instructing your employees?
and so much more…?

Are those chores like the old household chores?
We believe that they are exactly the same, and if technology replaced most of them in the house, there is no reason in the world the business chores will not be replaced by technology.

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