Replace Excel invoicing

Would it be nice if in just one button you can generate an Invoice for your client? If you using Excel to do invoicing you know how tiring it could be. We know because we used to use Excel to do so.

But with iQ Desk you already have the relevant information in the database, so all you need to do is select month, client and that’s it really. Oh one more small thing… it can send it automatically to the client using their email address. So you don’t even have to go to the post anymore. What would you do with all this free time? Drinking more coffee and focus on how to move your business forward. iQ Desk gives you more time.

One client of us said:

“I used to hate invoicing. It took me 3 days each month to get it right. And even so I was never sure that I got the numbers right. Thanks to iQ Desk, I takes me 10 minutes to do it, and it is easy to track who paid and who didn’t and send them reminders. Now I quite like invoicing!”

Have a great weekend and think about your old Excel. Maybe it the time to replace it?