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CHICAGO - MAY 21: A trader in the S&P 500 sto... I am reading a really good book about stock and shares trading: “Come into my trading room” By Alexander Elder. This is a really good book that explains in plain words the difference between successful traders and those who keep losing money.

In a way there is a lot in common between being a good trader and being a successful business owner. One paragraph in the book explains it very well:
“Good traders keep good records. They keep them not just for their accountants but as a tool to learning and discipline. If you don’t have good records, how can you measure your performance, rate your progress, and learn from your mistakes? Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Wait a minute! This is what iQ Desk is all about! It helps you keep records of your projects and costs. And in the long run helps you make better decisions.

Back to the book, I really recommend it even if you don’t intend to jump in to the market. Because being a trader in away is like being a sole trader or small business owner and you can learn a lot from each other’s experience.

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