What do most Business Management Software forget to do??

If you are here, you have most probably been searching the net for a good Project Management Software. If you are a freelancer or own a small company and have been looking for some time for a good Project Management Software, you must feel a little bit frustrated.
We have been looking for a Project Management Software for many years and have used many of them, some were paid for and some free, but we have always ended up ditching them and going back to old habits of not monitoring our projects properly, a thing which often resulted with not keeping deadlines and left us in situations where the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing.
You will be surprised how often this happens. Having worked myself for top organisations, I have often come across these situations. Some of these organisations had the most expensive Project Management Software in the market!
In our experience and from talks we have had with other business owners, they all want the same basic things from a Project Management Software. What they are basically looking for, is a software that doesn’t take a lot of time to understand. A Software that monitors in a clear way the deadlines and tasks ahead. A software that states clearly who is doing what and when, and most importantly, a software that tells you how much money you will earn from this project.
Bottom line, people kept looking for a Project Management Software that gives you clear information and tells you how much you are going to profit from the project.
Pretty logical no?
What people didn’t want to see was a Project Management Software that had a very long learning curve, that was not user friendly, that had many tools and features they didn’t need.
Many projects end up getting delayed because of pure management issues. Issues where business owners assume that the work was being done and it hasn’t even started. Deadlines that kept stretching endlessly. Invoices that had not been sent in time and payments that never arrived. The thing is, that all these problems could have been easily avoided by using a good Project Management Software which actually monitored payments and progress.
Knowing how much this kind of Project Management Software was in need, we set out to develop an entire module dedicated to Project Management tool that does just that.

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