Is Project Management in Large Organisations better than in Small Ones?

Project Management is a tricky thing.  Having been a professional project manager myself for many years in large organisations, I can clearly say that running a smooth operational project, that both runs on time and within budget is almost impossible.Although as a project manager I have personally   managed multimillion dollar budget projects,  we have never completed a project on time, not to mention within budget! Working in large organisations this is often the case.

Project Management incorporates many factors and stages, and even more there are many stakeholders in a project  and each is trying to pull in his or her direction.

An old friend of mine wrote a very interesting book about this exact topic . Being a professional Project Manager himself, he was able to depict the true reality of organisational project management.  The organisational jargon and the usual excuses and delays that so commonly accompany any project management experience in large organisations.

Managing Stakeholder Expectations for Project Success

So why am I talking about project management methodologies in large corporations?  The reason is , simply to highlight an advantage that small business owners have. As small business owners, so often we feel inferior to the large organisations. Often we feel powerless and less attractive. We tend to believe that in large organisations everything runs smoothly and delays, poor management and to say bluntly project failures do not happen. I would like to stress quite the opposite. Large organisations, being so complex , heavy and politics driven , rarely succeed in delivering perfect projects.

As small business owners, we have the advantage of being flexible and politics free. We don’t need to drag ourselves through pointless profiling meetings and self marketing to the bosses. We don’t need to impress anyone but our clients, we don’t have a team of senior management to endlessly report to, we don’t service the blame policy and we can easily adapt to change and new methodologies.

Many small business owners, try to mimic the large companies. Many businesses try to play in the “big boys” field and so often fail. The secret is to to use the advantages a small business has over a large organisation and there are plenty.  When project management is concerned it is so much easier to manage it properly, easily and fuss free.









6 thoughts on “Is Project Management in Large Organisations better than in Small Ones?

  1. Thanks for the post, I like the ideas you are promoting, especially for small business owners to use a different business style

    1. Thanks Harry. We try to spread our belief that small businesses are in fact the backbone of world economy. We want to promote this idea and ditch the inferiority complexes so many small businesses have

  2. In my opinion, there is too much hype around business management, it is true that there are many methodologies, but honesty, it is a lot down to old basic common sense.

    1. John and everyone, many people believe that they need to be some sort of a “big shot” important business manager, but the truth it, many of this theoretical practices don’t really hold in the reality of business life.

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