Premier League Predictor our very own new App and Website

Premier League Predictor website and App.

premier league predictor

If you are currently enjoying our Free Business Management Software, there is no doubt you will enjoy the new website and app from iQDesk. It holds the same quality of features and friendly approach.

So however it is not entirely connected to our Business Management Software business, since many our users are from the UK, we thought it would be a good platform to introduce our new Premier League Predictor features.

You can check your very own prediction table, The current table,Top 20 users,

The beauty of this app is that it also lets you see what the others thought the results were going to be, we call it “Feel the Crowd”. This as we all know, is a very valuable piece of information.

So enjoy the new Premier League Predictor website

and the Premier League Predictor Android App

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