Own a small company? Be ready for a change

Our iQdesk software has a little bit of history that goes hand in hand with the history of our own company. In the beginning, we developed iQDesk Business Management Software back in 2007, for tiny companies which needed basic tools to manage their day to day business. We believed that although it was very practical, it still offered relatively basic tools, so we offered it for free. Since than, it was a real hit with more than 15,000 downloads and many happy customers.

But we didn’t stop there. Many of you wrote to us and asked for more features which we gladly added for them.

For the last two years our company has developed and grew a lot and we found out that we needed additional tools to manage now, the bigger company.

So we started to develop iQDesk Business Management Software 2.0 and we put all of our experience,problems we had to resolve,needs into it. The result? more than a year of development, and many new tools and features that only people who have been running their own small company know they need. We are happy to say that, now we are on the final stage of debugging and we can also proudly say, Be ready to be amazed!

Soon you will be able to see it launched into the free market, on the web and on your iPhone.

Send us a message if your would like to see a preview of it!


As always we appreciate any comments and ideas.

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