Why use an Online Business Software?

While most big companies will refrain from using an Online Business Management Software, many small business owners actually use them eagerly. Why is this difference really?

Large companies, prefer to use mostly very heavy desktop software to run their businesses. It could be because they have been using this desktop software for many years and now it is nearly impossible to upgrade or shift to completely new software. Another reason would be is that they are afraid of putting their company “secrets” online. Or mainly just because , frankly they don’t really need to use a an online business software. There are significant differences between a small business needs and big corporation’s needs and this is something small business owners need to understand. Trying to mimic the big organizations methods of work will be futile and unfruitful, as the needs of a small business are completely different. Coming with a new way to suit the more flexible, easily transformable small business will prove to be a lot more useful.

An Online Business Software can benefit a small business a lot more, as a small business literally works 24/7. We all know that a small business owner is online for his or her customers as there are no regular 9-5 office hours as in the big organizations. A small business owner is a lot on the move, unlike big company’s managers who have most of their meetings in offices equipped with their desktop softwares anway. Small business owners, move quite often, and are out and about meeting clients, we don’t have the luxury of saying we are away now and can’t access the computer. We know that if we can’t give the client or potential client an immediate response we are at risk of losing this client.
The good news is that we don’t have to be off- line, most of us own a hand-held tablet of any sort, so being able to access your business online within seconds, means you take your office with you anywhere. You take your clients, tasks,projects,documents,quotes and your finance with you. Your tablet is your office , your tablet is your business. When you are using a web based business software, you are in advantage over the other businesses which are not using an Online business management software.

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2 thoughts on “Why use an Online Business Software?

  1. looking at it this way, small businesses do have a lot of advantages over big organizations, maybe it is time to ditch the inferiority complex and start leading the market? food for thought…

  2. Another big advantage we have as small business owners is that it doesn’t take us ages to make a decision, we can decide and get into action quickly.

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