One of the best things a Small Business Management Software can do for you!

If you are a small business owner or a freelancer, regardless of your field of work, What you are about to read here next, will be of no surprise for you.

Many small business owners, lack the time and expertise to do something which eventually turns out to be the backbone of their business. I know it may sound surprising, but if small business owners had that knowledge and expertise before they embarked on a project, so much pain and I mean financial as well as mental pain will have been avoided.

As small business owners, we put many efforts into getting a job or a project. We all know competition is fierce and sometimes getting a job means you will do your utmost to be the most competitive, just to get that job and work! Many times at the cost of working hard just to end up realizing that not only did you not earn any money on the job, but you had actually lost money on it. Which practically means you would have been better off, sitting on a couch watching television instead of taking this job in the first place.

Quoting a job right in the first place is crucial; it is basically the most important thing when you are taking on a project. Quoting is an expertise that has to be learned and mastered before you start offering your services. There are so many factors that have to be taken into account when you are setting a budget and giving your final quote to your client. Quoting properly at the outset will ensure that you will earn money, as simple as that, and that you will keep your integrity and reputation before your potential clients.

So many contractors out there will offer their services for unbelievably low prices that seem unrealistic to begin with, in many cases, these same “cheap” contractors will add extra charges as the project progresses, which leaves the client frustrated and feeling cheated in a way.
However, experienced clients know and seek a realistic quote, knowing that someone who quotes fairly and realistically will probably:
a. be qualified to the work at hand
b. their quote will probably stay the same and will not incur extra charges

Which leaves us with the big question, so how to quote a client correctly? How do we make sure we won’t lose money over a hard worked at project?
As we at iQDesk realize that you probably have no time to go educate yourself about project financing and budgeting, we are happy to say that we are launching a new version of the iQDesk small business management software, that will feature a new project budgeting tool. This new exciting module will make quoting an easy task that takes only a few minutes to complete. We have been using it successfully for months and we decided to get it online as part of our launch of the new iQDesk software for small businesses.

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One thought on “One of the best things a Small Business Management Software can do for you!

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