Why Use iQDesk 2.0 Free Business Management Software

It is Free  iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software is free. This is in line with our ongoing policy of creating and delivering free products for business owners all over the world. Join to our growing community on Facebook.

Easy to use This business software is very easy to use, it is designed in a simple way to ensure a quick learning curve. We know business owners are too busy to take the time to learn complex business software, so we developed iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software with that in mind. The business software enables  modules to feed each other.

The learning curve is minimal. it is very intuitive

Focused on your Financials iQDesk 2.0 Business Software is designed in a way where a lot of emphasis is around the business financial health.Every module in the software is geared towards the bottom line of business profitability.This software acts as your business finance watch-dog and will alert you in many instances where your profits not sufficient.

In one look you can easily know how much money should come in

Interactive It is imperative to keep a clear and open communication channels with your clients. While most businesses still use emails and telephone calls , we designed an on –page communication channel. You can use the project page where your clients are already logged in to discuss the work at hand.Communicating on the page, will ensure a clear log of conversations. Will allow for easy retrieval of information, as opposed to emails and calls, and will enable immediate online updates.

You can track all the communication with clients in one place

Shared online with your users In order to increase your business efficiency, iQDesk business software can be shared online with certain users such as your clients and your employees. If you decide to allow sharing, clients and employees with online access, will get to see a restricted view of the software with only the information they need to see. Sharing will allow your clients to communicate with you and see their project progress and your employees to become self –sufficient while managing their work-load independently.

You can create unlimited clients accounts

Can be tailored iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software enables the user to adjust fields in the software to suit your business specific needs. We designed it so you can decide which fields you want to see in the business software.

Use it your way!

Truly helpful

We believe that the world is changing. It is now time for us the people to reach each other and help out. People are waking up to realize that the big institutions are not there to help the small people. We are the 99%! We have been believing this for many years now before it was so widely spread, and we also believe that people can live proudly when we are financially independent. Our way to help out in this world wide awakening, is to provide tools such as this Business Management Software for the people to be able to run their own businesses with confidence. Even if you are not an MBA graduate or some big professional manager. We know that technology offers a great solution to solve and overcome the small business owners problems and failures. We have been running with our free iQdesk Business Management Software for 7 years now and we are proud to say that over 20,000 people have already downloaded the business software. But we have come to realize that the base version however nice and useful, is just not enough. So we set out to develop a more comprehensive free version designed specifically for the business owners and freelancers. We, as small business owners deserve to survive financially on our own.

This is a link to an interesting blog we wrote,explaining why we believe that it is important for people to think about becoming financially independent as they grow older.

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