How to start a business right?

Hi all,

It is well known secret that when you start a new business you need to be smart and find ways to be efficient and cost effective. This is very easy to say but not easy to implement. It is very confusing time that many companies offer you products that according to them will make you a successful business man.

Well… there isn’t even one software out there that can make your new venture successful. Even us can’t help. It is up to you and the way you set up your business. Set it right and your business will rock. Set it wrong and you will struggle to make profits.

There are many factors how to set a business right, but I want to focus on the web side (of course…). And it goes without saying that you need a good website. But you also need a good tool to track your business. I met a potential client the other day that wanted to buy a File maker database, because he worked with it in his previous work.

I asked him what does he need. It is quite simple – track orders, clients and supplier and to be able to generate invoices and job sheets. I gave him an estimated quote of £100-£150 (yes its that cheap…) and he replies this is the same of buying Filemaker.

Well my answer was it just look like the same price. Because when you buy the Filemaker or any other DB product you need to sit down and learn how to program it, so it will do what you want it to do. This can be a very tough time. Most of the people are not developers and to design a database you need to know what you are doing. So the learning curve can be very steep and you can end up spending weeks of something that is not your business.

I will try to emphasis this subject because it is important. Instead of focusing on your new business and how to bring more clients and develop your business your are busy on developing database. This is not your business and you should leave it to professionals.

Now even if you managed to set it right, you start to work with what you have created and you thing that if you can add a new button that will create a report of how many people from East London have had order your product your life will be easier.

You have two options:

1) If you asked a developer to develop you a tool, you call him or send an email with your request. Then they give you a quote. Now because you are already their client and they want to keep you, they will give you a cheap quote and they can do it fast.

2) If you bought the Filemaker you need to go back to the books ask in forums and pray. Again you will spend 2-5 days just to add a simple thing.

Did you save money? I don’t think so.

Hope my hope is clear,

Assaf Scialom

S-Development team

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