How To Make Sure You Will Never Be An Employee?

I had lunch yesterday with some ex-colleagues friends of mine. As always it has been very nice meeting them, but every time I do, I become pensive and a bit angry. I left the route of standard employment awhile ago, and every time I meet my friends, it throws me back to the corporate culture. These two friends of mine normally have about 30 minutes for lunch, before they need to get back to their cubicles or to another meeting. So they are always in a hurry. It is basically, sit down, order, eat quickly, pay and leave. It is not the relaxing lunch I want to have with them. But being an employee and working for someone else, makes you behave like that. You have no choice!

Now, I know most of my readers, have left the employee route and are either self employed, freelancers and small business owners. Well, congratulations to you all. But, some of them still have the same lunch routine as the employees’. The paradox is, you wanted freedom from a work place and now that you are working for yourself, you still end up not having time to sit down and have a nice relaxing lunch.

With employees, their time is someone else’s money, so it is not a matter of finishing work, it is a matter of looking good in front of the boss. With freelancers or small business owners, their time is their money, so any time spent over lunch, is a waste of money. They always try to run after endless duties, sometimes they hardly eat, sleep, or relax. Time is money and it is burning a hole in their pockets. So you can take the free out of freelancer…it is anything but.

Some freelancers or people who work for themselves, give up and start polishing up their CVs again, rushing back to the employee route,truly believing that this is the better, safer option. They rush back to the big corporations with their heads down, trying to hide the fact that they ever wanted to break free. Telling everyone, how hard it was running a business and warning everyone else from ever attempting to.

I believe, and this is the message I want to leave you with today, in being free, working on YOUR business. If you struggle to find the time to do it all, there are tools out there that can help you become successful. We at iQ Desk reveal to you the secret of automation. Yes, this word doesn’t belong to the big companies. YOU too can also automate your business. You can also create more time for yourself, you can also ensure that you won’t need to go and dig out your old CV from somewhere. You are going to be proactive and own YOUR own business for life.

4 thoughts on “How To Make Sure You Will Never Be An Employee?

  1. I think you are right. Every time I go for a drink with my old colleagues I keep hearing the same old stories about this and that. Nothing has changed since I left and it was 3 years ago! they all look unhappy and are looking for new job.

    Amazingly no one has a dream to go solo. I can’t understand that.

    It is true that as a freelancer you have less time but nothing beat freedom.

    I had a look into your software and too bad I didn’t stumble across your site before I bought a crappy software for my business. It is expensive complicated and doesn’t do the job. Good luck with your site and keep writing interesting articles

    1. Hi Mike

      Glad you did go solo eventually. I know what you mean about bad softwares! I have had my share of them in the past. Will be happy if you opt to buy iqdesk instead, I assume you have your own website so you can choose to run it on your website if you wish.

  2. I second the motion of mike’s comment. When I communicate with my past co-workers, as if we live in different planets. One time a former colleague crack a joke to me and said:

    “hey lito, I will get my Christmas bonus next week. How about you? when will you give yourself your bonus? he he he. Oh, sorry, I forgot, you are self-employed now. he he he (again)”

    He thinks it’s funny.

    BTW, do you have some documentations or tutorials on how to use your software?

  3. Hey Lito,

    We are working on a cool video demo that should be online next week. But! the system is very intuitive, go to the demo section on the website and just start using it. It is just that simple :)


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