How to choose the right software for your business

iQ Desk is not the only software for small businesses out there. A quick search on Google and you see a lot of companies offering different software with different features and different prices.

And prices vary between $150 to… the sky is the limit. So how do you know what to choose? One of S-Development’s client (the company that developed and run iQ Desk) told us this:

“I was looking for a software to run my business. Everyday when I came back home tired after a long day, I found myself sitting again searching the net for hours just trying to find a simple software that will help me run my business. Each search made me more depressed, I just could not find a software that could do what my business needed. Then, I had an idea to copy from my biggest competitor around the corner. I said to myself, that I would use what they use and this is how I found S-Development Ltd.”

Now, he told us that, even before we started developing iQ Desk. But we kept this in mind when we developed it. Our motto is to keep it simple. Other software sometimes offer you things that may sound like a good idea, but then, they are so complicated to use (and expensive) that you end up not using it.

Take Microsoft Word for example. Great piece of software no doubt. But how many people use all the features? How many use 50% of the features? Do you want to know the truth? 95% use only 5% of the features of Microsoft Word. But they still pay the full price don’t they? But if you only need Word to write a letter to the local council about a parking ticket you better use Google Docs. It is simple and FREE.

We kept the same idea with iQ Desk. We designed it with the features that you need only. We know it because we use it as well. And of top of that, if you really need more, you can give us a call and we will be happy to develop it for you. Now think about Microsoft Word again. You may sometimes need Word to do something that it can’t do, Can you call Microsoft and ask them do it for you. I don’t think so.

With iQ Desk you CAN.