Employees Management Module


Managing your employees should not be complicated. In this module you will keep track of all your employees records and files, update their salaries , their employment contract (monthly/hourly),upload their files such as employment agreements and CV etc. And, decide whether you want to give them online access in case you wish for them to update their project status and check their tasks on their own. The module is very flexible and user friendly.

Add a new Employee


Give them online access




Employee Cost automatically calculated into the other modules

What’s more is the unique feature where the employees salaries is automatically calculated and added to future expenses in the Quote, Cash-Flow and Project Management modules. All you need to do for this to happen, is to add the employee name to the other modules and their cost per hour will be calculated automatically. Many business owners forget to add employee time to their costs,especially one-off extra time. This expense has to be reflected per project and as in the cash-flow.

Here in the project module you can see an example of how the employee expense is being calculated automatically


Here you can see the expense in the cash-flow module


And see here how employees cost is automatically added to the quote


4 thoughts on “Employees Management Module

  1. This really is a time saver! I am happy to say that after checking the demo, I purchased the software last week! I have been searching for so long for a good software for a small business and I am hard to please! this one is perfect thanks

  2. Me too! I have been looking for a business software to run my business. I have a coaching company (can I post a link here:0?) and i run about 5 employees and about 50 regular clients and one-off clients and I have been looking for a business software that was flexible enough for me to use. I t was a long search until I ran into yours guys. it is fabulous!! Answers everything that I need and much much more. It is also Affordable!!! which is very hard to find (You guys sell it too cheap :PP!

    1. Hi Ruth

      We believe in being affordable! if you check our other website http://www.iqdesk.co.uk we offer lots of other development services which are affordable. This doesn’t take anything from the quality and the high standard of software or any other development work we do. if a company is efficient and slim there is no reason to be expensive…

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