Efficiency in today’s business world

What is your most powerful tool when you think about efficiency?

You have probably heard that before:

“It all start with your mind”

“What you think if what will happen”

“Think positive, and positive things will happen”

“Fake it till you make it”

Self-fullfilling prophecy”


You may have heard these phrases before, you may know these are true, but you don’t practice them, or you started practicing them and stopped.

Have you actually noticed how much of a negative dialogue is running inside your mind?

Let’s start with the power of our thoughts.

Your thought is like your brain food, it is what makes your brain take action. You thought negatively, your brain will register this and will start working toward making this negative thought a reality.

You thought positivey, and your brain will register this and will start working toward making this positive thought a reality.

Changing this internal dialogue is not easy. But once you’ve started practicing positive thinking, even if it is just faking it in the beginning, it would eventually become a second nature. Even more that that, anytime when a negative thought will start creeping in, you will automatically reject it.

Success, starts with the mind, it is crucial to adopt this positive thinking way of life, it will do wonders for yourself and business. Believe me, this is not just any new age nonsense. It is real.

Before you start thinking about becoming efficient, it is imperative to adopt a positive attitude towards the business.

You can’t think of making your business better by feeding your mind with the following thoughts:

“I will have to close the business if I don’t become more efficient”.

“If I don’t become efficient my family will will not have food and shelter”.

“I will not be able to keep up with the mortgage payments”.

When you think about becoming more efficient, it needs to come from a clear and fear free place. Efficiency that comes from creativity and joy is the best one and will summon your best ideas!

From now on say,

“I want to make my business better to succeed even more”.

Effiencty sounds like a scary thing. It is associated with redandencies, axes, cutting back, water cooler whispering and so on.

So how did such a positive word get such a bad reputation?

Let’s make friends with it again and forget everything we learned and know it from the business world we know.

Efficency is actually good for the business. It will always show us the next milestone of the business, it will shine our way forward, it is actually a good friend.

In the next article we will discuss the best tool for business efficiency and how it can work miracles in your business instantly.


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