Don’t you get tired of Excel?

Excel is a great piece of software. No doubt about that. But is it really good for managing your business?

The simple answer is no. Excel is very limited if you want track projects and manage them. For example if you have an Excel sheet with all the open projects that your business have and you want to add a new job, you need to create a new line. That’s fine. But now you want to change the status of it. So you go to the status column and type the status details and so on. If several people needs to edit this document you have a problem.

With iQ Desk things are much easier. It is very easy to see all the opened projects and manage them with just one click. Adding and editing information is very fast and you can take the project’s details and create any report you like. You can even invoice directly through the job page.

And many users can edit the same job online without a problem.

Are you still with Excel? we promise that everything you can do with Excel iQ Desk can do better.

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