Clients Management Module

Clients are the backbone of a business. Clients that feel that they are not in capable hands will probably seek to move to another service provider. Competition today, in almost every field is fierce. It’s not easy to get clients and it is even harder to maintain the clients. Once you have good clients a smart business owner will do his or her best to keep them happy.

So how do you know which clients is good which is a bad client for your business?

At iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software we took care of this too, the Client Management Module has a really cool feature that shows you, which of your clients generate you profit and which clients don’t.


Keep good records of your clients


Add New Clientfill in their details and upload their relevant files (agreements,contracts,company docs)


Manage Client fields- here you can add and modify clients fields to allow more user flexibility



You can decide if you want to give client online access so they can follow their own projects and communicate with you on their project page



There is the new client you have just created


This module gives you great insight into your clients aspect of your business. Covers the important issues of client profitability and management, and enables you to grant online access to your clients.

6 thoughts on “Clients Management Module

  1. loved the tool that checks your most profitable clients. This is such an important thing to pay attention to in a business.

  2. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I am still new to this so I am catching up quickly ! Keep on posting tutorials, this is such a good service. Many software owners never update their manuals or websites and it worries me if there is anyone behind these systems anyway. You are different guys, thanks!

  3. I want to remove some of the ‘pre-installed’ Client fields, but it only gives me an ‘Edit’ option. There is no ‘Delete’ option. e.g. the Trashcan.

  4. Hi Brad,

    At the moment , there is no option to remove fields. We are currently developing an enhancement to do just that. :)

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