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Efficiency in today’s business world

What is your most powerful tool when you think about efficiency?

You have probably heard that before:

“It all start with your mind”

“What you think if what will happen”

“Think positive, and positive things will happen”

“Fake it till you make it”

Self-fullfilling prophecy”


You may have heard these phrases before, you may know these are true, but you don’t practice them, or you started practicing them and stopped.

Have you actually noticed how much of a negative dialogue is running inside your mind?

Let’s start with the power of our thoughts.

Your thought is like your brain food, it is what makes your brain take action. You thought negatively, your brain will register this and will start working toward making this negative thought a reality.

You thought positivey, and your brain will register this and will start working toward making this positive thought a reality.

Changing this internal dialogue is not easy. But once you’ve started practicing positive thinking, even if it is just faking it in the beginning, it would eventually become a second nature. Even more that that, anytime when a negative thought will start creeping in, you will automatically reject it.

Success, starts with the mind, it is crucial to adopt this positive thinking way of life, it will do wonders for yourself and business. Believe me, this is not just any new age nonsense. It is real.

Before you start thinking about becoming efficient, it is imperative to adopt a positive attitude towards the business.

You can’t think of making your business better by feeding your mind with the following thoughts:

“I will have to close the business if I don’t become more efficient”.

“If I don’t become efficient my family will will not have food and shelter”.

“I will not be able to keep up with the mortgage payments”.

When you think about becoming more efficient, it needs to come from a clear and fear free place. Efficiency that comes from creativity and joy is the best one and will summon your best ideas!

From now on say,

“I want to make my business better to succeed even more”.

Effiencty sounds like a scary thing. It is associated with redandencies, axes, cutting back, water cooler whispering and so on.

So how did such a positive word get such a bad reputation?

Let’s make friends with it again and forget everything we learned and know it from the business world we know.

Efficency is actually good for the business. It will always show us the next milestone of the business, it will shine our way forward, it is actually a good friend.

In the next article we will discuss the best tool for business efficiency and how it can work miracles in your business instantly.


What Is the Fact, That the Big Companies Don’t Want You to Know?

What Is the Fact, That the Big Companies Don’t Want You to Know?

Almost anyone who has ever learned business management, or has ever been interested in building their own business, had probably come across the following:

Business strategy

  • Breakeven point
  • Financial reports
  • Cashflow
  • Business plan
  • Positioning
  • Market segmentation
        Whilst knowing these terms is very important indeed, why is it them that so little small business owners actually practice them? Why is it that the small business owner so quickly deserts those promises they made when they set up their business? What’s actually happened to this cashflow they said they’d keep an eye on, what happened to their business strategy? What is actually going on with these businesses once they are set up and set off, where do they all eventually go?

    Let’s unveil the mystery behind the failure of small businesses.

    What happens to small businesses- here are some statistics.

    Unfortunately, statistics are pretty bad, Coming to think of that, they are quite cruel and evil. If you think about it, just looking at them can potentially discourage almost anyone who has set his mind on building their own business. Who in the right mind would want to do this after reading this;

    According to the NY Times, only 48.8% of small businesses actually survive the first 5 years. That is 48.8%!

    Undoubtedly, this is a quite scary fact and it does actually make you think twice if not three times, no?

    But, fear not, if we look straight into the eyes of the statistics monster, we can see what is actually happening to these businesses, we can see right through it and crack down what is happening on that first year of running your business, what is going on there that makes all that positive evergy go to waste. And even worse, what is actually happening there that makes that business owner, lose faith, stop dreaming and even bit himself up for even trying. What makes him eventually crawl back to this life of compromise, the same life only a few months ago he wanted so much to escape from. It is actually quite sad to think how many tried to follow their dreams, failed and gave up.

    So what is in fact the real reason for all those failing new businesses?

        Well, there are many reasons.Some would say it is;
      • The fierce competition.
      • Bad market analysis.
      • Poor marketing.
      • Wrong product.
      • Low demand.
      • Incompetent employees.
      • Lack of strategic planning.
      • Bad economy.
            Virtually, any management term you can think of, can make your business collapse quite easily. Any one of these can kill this dream of yours.

        But let’s start climbing a little bit. Let’s try and nail the real reason for failing businesses. Let’s climb to the top of the problems.

        Let me tell you a secret, those reasons look good in business articles and in management magazines, a lot because they sound good and they are quite fancy management terms analysts like to use. These Business analysis and senior managers love those terms so much they keep using it in their jargon, so much so,until the small business owner feels inept,under educated and wants to run and hide on it’s first crippling fear that his business is not good, and that he is a dreamer and has no business setting a business of his own.

        So what is the real reason? Let’s say that you have overcome your fear and you are feeling quite confident. You set up your business. So why does it eventually fail?
        What is the real reason?

        The real reason is lack of control over the business!

        Let’s climb up a little bit further, up to the top.

        The real reason is-lack of time!

        Let me ask you a question. As a business owner, what is your real profession? Can you give an honest answer?

        What if I told you, that your real profession is in fact a firefighter?

        The firefighter is quite an accurate description for a small business owner. Let’s talk a little bit about firefighters.

        Firefighters don’t really know what their day will be like. They are in waiting position. Suddenly they get a call, they rush quickly and get on the fire engine.They turn on all the sirens and red flashing lights,drive like mad to the scene of fire, often arriving late.

        Use everything they have, to try and put out that fire, and then go back to the starting point, back into this waiting position until the next fire. From one fire to the other, their energies dwindle and their level of energy and vitality drops. They carry on with their day,hoping that no new fires will start. But they can’t really know for sure.

            Test yourself

        Are you a firefighter?
        Do you;

            Test yourself: Are you a firefighter?
            Do you
        1. Guess how many expenses you have
        2. Guess what your income is
        3. Forgets to send invoices
        4. Late to meetings or ill-prepared for them
        5. Don’t keep deadlines
        6. Give up well deserved on income
        7. Your pricing is low and you compromise on the price even more
        8. Don’t do enough to get new costumers
        9. Don’t plan!
        10. All the answers are correct

Backing up your data

Image by Topato via Flickr

When you run a business and all your business information is in the database you need a good backup.

If your server crash with all the information about you clients, projects and finance and you don’t have a back up it is like your business is on fire. Depending on your company size we recommend at least once a day backup. We have clients that do every hour and even one that has every 10 minutes backup! That’s how important the database for them.

We at S-Development can take care of all your backups need without extra cost. So you have one less thing to worry about!

How to start a business right?

Hi all,

It is well known secret that when you start a new business you need to be smart and find ways to be efficient and cost effective. This is very easy to say but not easy to implement. It is very confusing time that many companies offer you products that according to them will make you a successful business man.

Well… there isn’t even one software out there that can make your new venture successful. Even us can’t help. It is up to you and the way you set up your business. Set it right and your business will rock. Set it wrong and you will struggle to make profits.

There are many factors how to set a business right, but I want to focus on the web side (of course…). And it goes without saying that you need a good website. But you also need a good tool to track your business. I met a potential client the other day that wanted to buy a File maker database, because he worked with it in his previous work.

I asked him what does he need. It is quite simple – track orders, clients and supplier and to be able to generate invoices and job sheets. I gave him an estimated quote of £100-£150 (yes its that cheap…) and he replies this is the same of buying Filemaker.

Well my answer was it just look like the same price. Because when you buy the Filemaker or any other DB product you need to sit down and learn how to program it, so it will do what you want it to do. This can be a very tough time. Most of the people are not developers and to design a database you need to know what you are doing. So the learning curve can be very steep and you can end up spending weeks of something that is not your business.

I will try to emphasis this subject because it is important. Instead of focusing on your new business and how to bring more clients and develop your business your are busy on developing database. This is not your business and you should leave it to professionals.

Now even if you managed to set it right, you start to work with what you have created and you thing that if you can add a new button that will create a report of how many people from East London have had order your product your life will be easier.

You have two options:

1) If you asked a developer to develop you a tool, you call him or send an email with your request. Then they give you a quote. Now because you are already their client and they want to keep you, they will give you a cheap quote and they can do it fast.

2) If you bought the Filemaker you need to go back to the books ask in forums and pray. Again you will spend 2-5 days just to add a simple thing.

Did you save money? I don’t think so.

Hope my hope is clear,

Assaf Scialom

S-Development team