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Managing your cash-flow, be it your personal or your business cash-flow is a must! We can’t stress it enough, and it is amazing how easily this ‘must’ is being pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Considering that your cash flow is the one thing that is vital to ensure your business viability. It always comes as a big surprise to us, whenever we analyse other businesses to find out how little effort if any at all is being invested in managing cash-flow.

In our experience , the main reason so many business owners neglect their cash-flow management is that they lack two things:

1. The knowledge to manage cash-flow
2. The time to manage cash-flow

While taking the time to manage your cash-flow can be resolved quite easily, the lack of knowledge was the one that we found more worrying. After all, how can someone assume the role of a business owner without knowing how to deal with the most important aspect of their business? This is a big question, and as a result of it, many so many small businesses fail miserably. Although, there has been a shift in awareness, so many business owners now acknowledge the need of business management , there are still so many gaps in people’s education and expertise to cover them.

The idea behind iQdesk Business Management Software was to literally tackle those gaps. The idea behind teh business software was to make sure that regardless of business owners’s level of education and availability of time, they will be able to run their businesses, while technol;ogy covers those gaps for them.

In a previous post , we covered the project management gap and in this post, we would like to cover the cash-flow management by showing how the iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software easily manages this tricky aspect of business management.

The cash flow module is split into 3 main screens


The current screen takes all the payments that have already been paid and all the payments that have already been received. This screen is a clever tool, as it feeds automatically from the previous modules where payments has been processed.
All the current cash flow will be displayed on this screen giving the user the ability to see how their finances look at the very same moment.



The Forecast screen will show all the payments that are still to be processed. It covers both the future incoming payments and the future outgoing payments. A user can filter through the relevant dates to get an accurate picture of what the business finances will look like in the future months.
This screen also feeds automatically from previous screens.


Charts and Stats

This screen gives the user a clear and easy to understand display of the business finances.


Manage your Payments

For additional flexibility and user control of the system we have added payments management toolbar.
You can do the following:

Add a new cost on an ad hock basis




Add a Fixed cost that will feed each month on the same date if selected



Export all the data to an excel for easy transfer of data


The system also enables to user to filter by dates and also displays an overview of the payments at each stage.

Managing your cash-flow via the iQDesk 2.0 Business Management system, is easy and covers the business financial aspects that are important for your business.

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