What should the business world learn from the industrial revolution

The industrial revolution has marked a massive change in the industrial world. This change has literally revolutionised people’s lives. This 18th century turning point in human evolution turned out to be one of the biggest factors of human economic and personal growth. People’s quality of life and financial situation have changed so dramatically, that although the of changes spanned around years , the change has been a revolution.

The main cause for this change was the shift from manual labour to machines. Work that used to take so much of human effort and energy, turned to something that could be easily executed by machines. Machines and and automation of most of the manual work in factories, have literally, freed people from working endlessly just to see little progress. Efficiency was the best outcome of this entire period of change.

The business world on the other hand is still struggling in adapting those “machines” to replace those “workers” it is the equivalent of working in one of the old factories prior to the industrial revolution and still manually labouring to produce results.

Even in big corporations, we see many businesses which employ thousands of employees to produce reports manually on Excel sheets , instead of using a business software, that can easily generate the reports in a matter of seconds. We constantly see businesses who still hire a team of customer service employees, just to coordinate and book meetings. We see companies that employ people just to take orders from clients. We see many clients who can easily take a huge quick turn in the direction of becoming lean and super efficient.

The idea behind business management software, is very easy. Take the manual labour and turn it into a software. Just like the idea of taking the old manufacturing methods and replacing them by machines. Just like they did back them in the 18th century.

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10 thoughts on “What should the business world learn from the industrial revolution

  1. The industrial revolution is mainly marked by the change to machinery , we can see that the old factory based economy is being replaced by the high tech and other industries. Factories economy has shifted to the developing countries, like China. Today’s revolution is the shift to software and other high tech tools to run the non manual labour economies.

    1. I am from London and used to work in the financial industry, I can see that the banking industry are operated by software and other business systems.

    1. There is a lot more interesting information on the web for anyone who is interested in technology and business. I chuckle today when I think about my MBA back in the mid 80s where technology wasn’t even mentioned in the studies..boy, were they so way off the future of the business world..
      oh..well that was the USA of the 80s!

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