Which is the Best Business Software for a small business?

Every now and then you get an article published about the best Business Software for the year
They rank very highly on the search engines and they usually get a lot of traffic.
Here are a few examples:

25 Best Business Software of the year

Best Business Software 2013

Top 10 Small Business Software products

Usually, inside these highly popular links you will find additional lists of another top 10 or top 5 best Business Software in the market.
The Business Software that usually appear on the lists, seem to be well known and well branded software. Although, they seem to be aimed at small to medium sized companies, as business owners we need to ask ourselves if this is what we really need.
Most branded Business Software that are aimed at small business owners, offer a solution for one or two areas of the business. But, what small business owners actually need, is an overall solution for their entire business.
Our suggestion, is to actually start looking into the less branded Business Software, most of the non branded small Business Software have been designed and developed by small companies. Small companies naturally, know the ins and outs of a small business needs and most of them will give you the complete picture of your business and put an emphasis on the business real needs.
Often, the non branded Business Software, will also offer excellent customer service and excellent fee. If you look into the non branded Business Software, you will often find that there are no less and even better value than the what the big companies Business Software offer.
Our best tip to find the best Business Software for your business is to start by looking at what your business lacks in management, and find a Business Software that covers these areas.
In our experience the areas that most business owners lack in, are around managing their projects properly, managing their cash-flow and payments and keeping organised in the business day to day tasks, which is key for business success. So look into those small Business Software, check that they come from a credible development house, check if the Business Software covers the areas you find challenging to manage and give it a go.
These Business Software just might prove to be a better choice for your business.

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  1. Thanks for this post, I believe small business owners, need to support other small businesses. Just makes sense no?

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