How do Business Software and green go together?

As many people are waking up to care for our planet, it feels like there is a green revolution out there.
People are realising that if we don’t work to save the planet ourselves, nothing will remain for the next generations. Continuing to abuse the planet and it’s livestock the way we do, must stop. It is not a large scale operation as it sometimes seems. If everyone will just do the following activities and incorporate them into our daily lives, recycle, save energy, walk and cycle more and avoid littering, these simple basic actions can make a huge impact on our environment.

My children are already growing up into a world , where littering is not an acceptable behaviour and recycling is part of life and not some innovating notion. Many children all around the globe are growing up learning that caring for the planet is an integral part of life.

How can us as business owners help? We all know about the large oil companies, the big factories and huge refineries and their long term impact on our environment. Can we counter-fight their disastrous effect?

We can, there are hundreds of millions of small businesses around the world. Unlike popular belief small and mid-sized companies are the backbone of the worldwide economy. Two of the major environmental disasters are the eliminations of forests and waste.

Think about this, if we all decide together, all of us hundreds of millions of small companies around the world, to become paperless in a time frame of one year, we can change the course of planet destruction. Absolutely no use of trees to produce paper, no use of polluting printers and inks, no paper waste at all.

Recently, I came across this blog post, which explains quite nicely the idea of going paperless.

Using a Business Software to run your small business can easily enable a business to become paperless. iQDesk 2.0 Business Management Software was designed with paperless qualities in mind.
All of its’ modules have been developed to allow a business to become paper-free and also to eliminate phone calls. Our own websites iqdesk uk and iqdesk 2.0 are not optimised for printing on purpose. When you start using business software, you can do all your filing, storing,management tasks and projects, your cash-flow, reminders , all paper-free. Your entire business can be run without being dependent on paper and without creating paper-waste and paper related waste.

We are proud to say that our business iQDesk Ltd. has been paper-free for almost a year, we don’t own printers on purpose to remind us, that there is no way to print anything or use paper. Also, the office expenses reduce dramatically when you become paper-less, there is almost no office supplies on the list.

Try it out and be green, small businesses can have a huge impact quite easily.


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6 thoughts on “How do Business Software and green go together?

  1. Never thought about business software as green before, thanks for pointing out this very important aspect of business automation.

  2. Being a paper free business is actually worthwhile, I have been running a business without paper for a few months and it is liberating! also i have noticed i have no paper piles to deal with anymore..which is terrific!

  3. I am just thinking about the amount of money we can save if we don’t buy paper and paper supplies..apart from helping the planet of course ;)

  4. As we mentioned in our article, we have been running our business paper free for almost a year, it takes some getting used to the idea itself, and once you are paper free you realise how much easier and how much it makes a lot more sense to work this way.

  5. Not enough is being done by the big companies to save our planet, so maybe it is down to the small companies to start and give an example, this may be a trend which is easier to follow

  6. Great post thanks! I have so much paper work which i keep delaying, maybe it is time to change the way I work, it is such a mundane task!!

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